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You must have a red light red light LED beauty machine use

by:Merican     2020-07-26
You must have a red light red light LED beauty machine using experience of household cosmetic instrument development up to now, LED, rf, laser, micro electric current, always let a person dazzling. Although home beauty instrument for safety, energy must not go to a hospital medical effect of beauty, but has the benefits of home at home. Home beauty with daily skin care, plus regular quantitative medical beauty, it seems to me is the most perfect skin anti-aging scheme. And because of the LED light itself has stimulated repairs, build collagen, promote wound healing effect, after the medical beauty is more suitable for use of household LED light as instruments to promote skin restore after laser. American dermatologist recommended also LED light products to as a means of organization recovery after surgery, repair scars, promote wound healing, skin renewal. Again, don't know how to choose instrument, 'the FDA certification' is the best roadmap. Red light can be done? Existing studies have shown that cold light source, LED light can stimulate the activity of fibroblast, thus facilitating the production of collagen and elastic cells, reduce dry itchy skin, eliminate acne, improve the ability to repair. So hospitals will be red and blue light is used to treat acne, and as with some skin diseases. My mother's facial herpes, for example, the doctor will give medicine + red light irradiation treatment. We commonly known as the red light, in the LED light is a wide range of concepts. Generally speaking, the red light can anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, beautiful skin, promote the circulation and skin regeneration. Particularly suited to cooperate with the medical beauty. Red light is suitable for all skin types, Except for light sensitive skin) , especially the face severe inflammation, and have traces of the aging population. About light, red light meter contains four kinds of light waves, 605 nm amber light, 630 nm red, 660 nm red, 855 nm infrared light. A column of a table: 605 nm amber light: stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles, whitening. 630nm- The wavelength of 660 nm red: photon tender skin, and reduce inflammation, promote cell growth, wound healing, prevent pigmentation. 855 nm infrared: stimulate circulation, accelerate the metabolism of repair, reduce sebum secretion, reduce inflammation, improve product absorption.
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