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Why will soon turned white after a tanning session

by:Merican     2020-07-31
Why tan will soon turned white after 2018 - 11 - 01 tanning machine: why become white soon after tanning pigment cells in the skin epidermis layer is relatively lower, it can secrete pigment. The pigment cell external form is very flexible, it has a lot of bifurcate, squeezed between the cells. It through the surrounding cells release pigment, to protect the skin from dangerous UV light damage. As keratinization and renew skin, deposited down pigment with cells reached the skin surface, under the influence of uv light into a reddish brown. So many pigment is connected to each other, to block the light into the skin to prevent sunburn. But once achieve higher personal value, the pigment cells aging into cuticle, pigment is lost from the surface. Corneous layer falls off and limited amount of deposited pigment, make everyone can only be black to a certain degree, after reaching certain degree to continue in the sun will no longer be turned black. If the skin is no longer in the sun, may be more of the pigment cell death falls off, so black turned aside after a few weeks. People with darker skin condition is different, they have more contains pigment cells, these cells are closely linked, but also constantly from the depth of the bottom skin to form new cells containing pigment.
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