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Why to embellish skin before sun?

by:Merican     2020-07-28
Why to embellish skin before sun? 2020 - 04 - 23 tanning machine can also be called tanning, tanning beds, tanning, tanning equipment, tanning machine is through the technology of artificial simulated sunlight, the person into the sun, so called indoor tanning. Sunlight in the main three waves: UVA, UVB and UVC, the UVC light is shorter, burns force is very strong, it is harmful light; Followed by UVB, also has a strong force of sunburn, be good at using; Three kinds of UVA light wave in a 'positive', only when making tanning lamp so adopted UVA is combined with a small amount of UVB rays. We must first understand the difference between UVA and UVB rays: UVA is a ray of light wavelengths longer, penetration ability of ability, can penetrate the skin surface, under the deep dermis organization, thus basked UVA can form deep skin melanin and persistent. UVB rays is a bigger rays of light intensity, can let the skin melanin, quickly but by UVB rays form melanin persistence is poor, and easy to sunburn. Tanning machine ( Tanning) Light is through professional technology and effective integration of the best proportion of UVA and UVB rays, while effective tanning also ensures the skin doesn't sunburn easily. Customers to our expert advice, how to use indoor tanning machine? After the basked skin redness, sunburn? 吗? Before we use tanning machines need to know your skin type, determined by skin type to determine if your with the right equipment, including the use of the amount of light is basked and time. In addition, we suggest that, before the use of tanning equipment for skin care ( Wipe on tanning lotion) So that not only it tan, but also effectively locks in moisture to prevent sunburn. In simple terms, use machine before tanning moist skin to better absorb ultraviolet light, making tanning effect is better. In addition, dry skin is basked in tanning machine environment of high temperature easy to sunburn, so skin moisturizing is critical. Such as: use of tanning machine before the good tanning cream or lotion, it can help the skin in the best state to absorb ultraviolet light, and provides the melanin nutrients faster to promote the formation of melanin, and make the skin black and shiny. If the skin is dry and dehydration to tan, can make the skin looks dull and dark, not to display the tanning to the best effect.
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