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Why tanning machine popular

by:Merican     2020-07-08
In the 1920 s, coco chanel, CocoChanel) When travelling in the boat, now and then drying out a bronzed skin, immediately in the fashion industry has caused a wave of sun which is the origin of modern popular sunbathing. Then just finished Victorian to relief the young people dancing style strange Charleston. Sunbathing like fancy skirts, short curly hair and other new things, such as cars, seem to also became a symbol of freedom of the era. Also known as tanning, tanning with excessive exposure will form the sun burns the so-called 'sunburn'. Tan first as the origin of its name & quot; 太阳晒黑” ─ ─ sunbathing. Tan in the west is in the middle of last century, it represents the European and American people a sun culture ─ ─ to enjoy the sunshine. Tanning and vacation resort directly linked, is inseparable from the sunny beach. Tan until now has almost become a status symbol. Have a bronzed skin people, they often go to the sunny, expensive noble resort in the sun, so the 'black' is the best show identity card. Sunbathing refers to according to certain way to make solar radiation on the human body, cause a series of physiological and biochemical reaction of exercise, let skin exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to make skin melanin generation and black. With the development of science and technology, sun is divided into two kinds: one is natural sunbathing; Is a kind of artificial tanning. Sunbathing is a way to use sunlight to exercise or chronic disease prevention and control methods, main is to allow sunlight to the human body skin, cause a series of physical and chemical reaction, to achieve fitness cure. Sunbathing and often cold bath, air bath combined with the application. Indoor tanning and outdoor tanning the most essential difference is that the former under strict control. High quality is very uniform tanning machine produced by ultraviolet light. Regularly use high-quality tanning machine, not only can you enjoy sunbathing, your health will also benefit a lot. 1, stay healthy and prevent disease, improve the bad state of the body. Improve the spirit; To improve sports ability; Repair clocks, improve sleep bad; To promote the production of vitamin D3 and calcium absorption, and strengthen the role of bone and teeth; Improve the body immunity, the generated vitamin D protects against breast cancer, intestinal cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. 2, relax, relax the skin younger mood, promote the metabolism of skin, make skin younger. 3, prevent ultraviolet radiation to the front of the southern resort before vacation, tanned skin, make the skin resistance to strong ultraviolet rays. 4, fashion the sun into wheat color skin, can make women look healthy, men appear small.
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