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Why red light therapy is better than my face cream in a shop?

by:Merican     2020-07-30
Although the market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products and creams, efficacy can be tender skin, reduce wrinkles, spot, restore young state, etc. , but the real after use, the effect is really as they said, this is a question in the minds of many. Even so, we are still hard to refuse to buy their reasons, particularly because after use must continue to use them. Why is this? 吗? 吗? The reason is very simple, the heart of the beauty of the person all has. The emergence of red light and beauty equipment, is a breakthrough of the beauty industry, it can also be called a revolutionary change. Red light therapy, has been in the past few years of development, the outstanding achievements, at present a lot of beauty institutions have been using red light red light, red light collagen beauty instrument, beauty machine beauty instrument for the red light and beauty equipment, such as the red light off beauty therapy is the important method of beauty best effect. You might think, red beauty of such 'miracles' light therapy is very difficult to make people believe that its efficacy and use. And we can do is to let everyone know the benefits of red beauty therapy. Time and phototherapy effect for the love of beauty is overcome doubt. Often new discoveries seem to be very good and become real enough. Red light therapy such as massage, knead ridge therapy, reflexology, sensitivity and acupuncture are also violate scientific explanation, but because of its effect has been most widely used. Red beauty therapy, also known as the photon tender skin therapy, is often used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Red beauty device is a light emitting device, and is a specific wavelength of light, the light of specific wavelengths depends on the effect of phototherapy required. Spot, wrinkles, red light wavelength of 615 nm - required 640 nm, the specific wavelength of red light can be the formation of collagen in the skin, promote cell regeneration. As we age, after 25 years old slow metabolism, cell's energy is low, can use our skin create many problems. And through the red light and beauty machine ( Red beauty instrument) A specific light shines on the body or on the skin, can activate cells, promote the division to form a more new cells and collagen, and better lock in moisture, battalion of the skin, make skin problems solved. Natural skin elasticity and decreased with age, eventually led to the visible wrinkles, because can't tighten skin. Moreover, with the body form slow the growth of the age of new skin cells, with fewer new cells, the skin began to appear more aging problem. Red light therapy can promote the formation of collagen and elastin, which is to increase the elasticity of the skin and keep healthy and young must be material. Red light therapy by relaxing the treated area of blood vessels and make it easier for blood flow, further help to prevent and eliminate wrinkles, increase circulation, encourage the production of new skin cells. Red light therapy is a non-invasive, don't need surgery or the use of toxic chemicals such as botox. It is also a beauty salon, beauty and hairdressing institutions a viable option. Red beauty just like any new light therapy, must have a medical professional advice or guidance to use, red light therapy for the love of beauty is a skin problems is a good choice, if combined with high-end collagen emulsion as collagenetics input, red light treatment effect will be even more chopsticks. Red light therapy is a new treatment system, has made significant achievements in the field of cosmetic and exercise rehabilitation. New benefits appear every day can be found, and some benefits, still in the experimental stage. Red light therapy is currently consists of physical therapists, massage therapists and other health care professionals to treatment of a variety of skin damage.
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