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Why more and more people join the tanning team?

by:Merican     2020-07-28
In the 20th century, whitening and sought after by the mainstream public, whether star, or fitness, as if in whitening struggling on the road. In the 21st century today, if you still stay in 'a white covering three ugly' this concept, it can only say that you really have been out. Along with the transition of the popular wisdom, tanning actually has become a trend. If, during 2006, basically only a few entertainers and a small number of senior white-collar workers in the dark, so now, you will see that whether high income of entertainers and athletes or small endowment fitness enthusiasts and company employees are also added to the beauty of black. There is no doubt that whether wheat color of skin or tan, the healthy color of skin have become popular with people. In their view, the color of skin look more sexy, man, also make them more attractive. And tanning is more than just make you look more attractive and important is that it also contributes greatly to people's healthy development. Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients, it is to promote the absorption of calcium, and treatment of osteoporosis have a big role. At the same time, vitamin D was found to also help to cure cancer, heart disease, pulmonary tuberculosis with diabetes. So keep a certain time every day the sun exposure can cause the body to produce vitamin D. Enjoy the sunshine can prevent cancer. Many researchers found that kept moderate sunlight helps the body to resist a variety of cancers, including colon and breast cancer. More studies have shown that vitamin D may slow the growth of precancerous lesion or destroy cancer cells. Nearly 20 years, we can see that the rising incidence of cancer, sun exposure time greatly reduce the direct relationship between the people. Sunbathe for antidepressant treatments are available, and can improve the mood, improve the peptide content in the blood. Dark skin represent close to natural health way of life, is a sign of health, beauty and good quality of life. That's why today, there are more and more people go to tanning, the cause of the sun to light. Believe that in the future days, tan will become main trend.
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