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Why did tan will be more and more common?

by:Merican     2020-07-27
Why did tan will be more and more common? 2019 - 12 - 25 tanning, abroad is very popular a kind of light and beauty technology, especially in the United States and Europe. Seven or eight years ago, Shanghai also became popular, now some international big company of jinling, white-collar workers also are using tanning machine this tanning phototherapy tank. The principle of tanning, is through the tanning machine, with the help of uv tanning effect for tanning. Mainly has three big band ultraviolet ray, UVC, UVB and UVA. UVC is shortwave ultraviolet ray, is the earth's ozone layer block, in general will not easy to travel to the surface, not harm to the skin. But UVB rays UVB, easy to cause sunburn, sunburn, long wave ultraviolet UVA will tan, now they say tanning machine, is actually a pure UVA phototherapy tank. UVA can't say completely harmless to human body, it still has certain harm to the eyes. So on the international, will be required to wear eye mask or eye shield. Many other parts of the dark eyes of a circle or white, it is for this reason. Want to tan, should not only expose the part of the tanning fully, also painted a layer of tanning oil, mainly against UVB rays. In the uv tank, spend a period of time, say ten minutes, because with the tanning oil, UVA generally will not hurt the skin, sunburn, will only cause a tan our skin reaction, so can achieve the result of tanning. Although domestic most of the women in the pursuit of all be white, but the black in the United States and Europe already is not new. Like sweeping over the past two years of American pop music circle all kinds of awards in small days Arianan Grande. Fans were cordially called A younger sister, she started on it. She is now. Tan did not affect her career, on the contrary make her successful transformation into hot girl, try more different style. Tanning factory house the trend also gradually spread to China recently, more and more people accept the black, not create Wang Ju triggered heated debate in 101, it is the home has done many stars tanning. Black beauty JiKeJuan escape is black in the United States after the fire. On weibo, the little red book, such as online app search casually 'tanning' word, the sellers show is very wonderful. As special tanning was not originally thought, it is like a change of hairstyle change a style, making small changes to their own image. Hope tanning can also like fitness, in the next days gradually accepted by everyone. Be yourself, have their own aesthetic standards.
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