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Whitening you OUT again, star circle tanning fashion now

by:Merican     2020-07-20
In ancient Greek and Roman times, dark skin and have become more common, people with dry skin into wheat color and proud. After tanning, the human body under ultraviolet light to form the chance of sunburn or burn is greatly reduced, and tan tan also gradually more and more mature technology of aided by popular. Tanning of narrowing sleep was black machine 1, who has not the first time? But sun is not a virgin you charge hero resistance of bravado, the main task of the heat lamp is to allow the skin to adapt to the high intensity of ultraviolet radiation, time control within 5 ~ 8 minutes, and then gradually increased. 2, might as well go to eat some cheese roast lamp, food contains tyramine acid ingredients make it easier for skin color, and keep good gloss. 3, in addition to the traditional tanning beds, a considerable number of suits workers face than black men, suggested that choose to have two UV lamp off color gather tanning beds. Is unique in facial irradiation using the average reflex light, intensity significantly less drying tunnel of tank body, let skin maintain on the same colour as a whole. Must wear protective goggles when 4, sun lamp, because eye skin thickness is only 1/3 of the other parts of the skin, very easy tanning, experts suggest that only at the end of the insolation treatment for 3 minutes remove protective goggles to enjoy close the tanning. In high latitude, winter sunshine time is very short, and even the phenomenon of polar night the Nordic region, medical institutions in order to solve the weak health issue caused by drying under the sun, just invented simulates the sun tanning beds of sun energy for body. So, under the guidance of professional personage to try, can be avoided due to excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays on the skin of the adverse reactions. Suit a crowd: there is no splash of men, or strong sun exposure will quickly burn sunburn, freckles. White color of skin slants, at ordinary times is not easy to tan. Color uniformity, skin show looks dirty. The lowest cost of sun tanning 1, in the natural sunlight, UVB rays can stimulate the proliferation of skin melanin, make skin darker dimmed, UVA is directly into leather manufacturing wrinkles, aging and relaxation, to keep the skin flexibility luster and achieve a tan, the choice of the UVA protection index ( PAPPD) High and UVB protection ( 防晒系数) Relatively low tanning products. But still want to have for the UVB sunscreen ingredients, to avoid blisters, peeling sunburn. 2, Asian skin color of skin slants yellow, ordinary tanning can present light, actually can try color slants red tanning oil, sunburnt skin will show more approximate bronze healthy color of skin, and the brightness is very good. 3, sunlight on the skin, causing severe dehydration, it is also a tanning and drying out the main cause of wrinkles, tanning machine sunbathing full-body daub a lot of olive oil, it has to do with skin water fat membrane fusion to form water lock protective film, improve skin resistance of insolation harm itself. 4, tanning, tanning oil always apply to skin reflective, sleek and fat, not resulting in the loss of moisture. 5, don't forget to wear can filter UV rays, sunglasses, sun on ocular point-blank, not only damage the skin around the eyes, also cause great influence to the eye. Is more sensitive to uv light, or men of uneven skin tone. Without the sun tan cream imitation bask in. 1, no. Don't go to pick the black, natural color of skin more white people use tan lotion, even daub evenly in the hairline, a flange, a seam position such as goof, look terrible color difference. So, wheat or caramel color is shallow color of skin man appropriate choices. 2, tanning, while most people will appear dry lack water, skin is dry skin or if you love peeling, don't pick the color too deep, otherwise done more thoroughly. 3, tanning cream is divided into two kinds: one kind is pigments, sunscreen, immediately after tanning, shower can easily be removed; Another kind is to follow the sun, DHA composition can temporarily burn skin color, and stay for 3 to 7 days, during swimming, taking a bath, will not let color reduction, eventually faded was conducted through the cuticle natural metabolism. 4, the latter imitation bask in frost may cause uneven skin tone, when fade editing experience is to use shower bath sponge or soft grind arenaceous cream, help was dyed the old waste cutin fall off faster. Dark 1, eat eat out: just the opposite, with positive sunscreen to faster tan everyone, can be in intensive consumption of some high photosensitive food at ordinary times, such as carrots, celery, walnut, sardines, they can promote the secretion of melanin, give you a helping hand. 2, eat less: skin tanning stage ( Except for tanning cream) , to minimize the consumption of food containing large amounts of vitamin C or vitamin B, you'd better not drink lemonade, for example, because these things to eat many, will let you don't consciously white back. Note: before starting tan, no matter you are choosing outdoor tanning, or indoor tanning machine, the first thing to do is to understand his own skin. Only have a full understanding for their skin, we can help you make the most suitable for your tanning solutions and schedules.
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