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Whitening, you know, but you know now popular tan?

by:Merican     2020-07-18
Whitening is no stranger to everybody, but did you know that popular in the celebrity circle of tan? 吗? 吗? As the saying goes 'turnip highly uneven' along with the development of the popular fashion, whitening is pursuit by a lot of people, like white skin. And outside of the white circle, there have been a hot air rising quietly, slowly, this is the black tide. Someone like white and tender skin nature also someone like dark skin healthy, natural white man is not much, but natural black and even fewer. Relative to the whitening, in fact, the black is also very technical content! Come on tanning together! Tan is to make the skin beautiful, or black with China becoming more powerful, the life of people more rich and colorful, now in the fashion of the tanned skin, wheat color skin, chocolate color of skin become mainstream, using special cosmetics and keep your skin beautiful tan in the sun, wheat color, chocolate color. A white covering the ugly, but the dark healthy skin is more crazy wild beauty, like obsidian, sending out the charm. To your skin with a layer of bronze colour and lustre, or sunlight shining the temptation of chocolate flavor can let you become the focus of people. How popular is tan? According to legend, in the 1920 s, coco chanel, Coco Chanel) When travelling in the boat, drying out a bronzed skin, immediately led to a trend in fashion, which is the origin of the popularity of modern tanning. Then just finished Victorian to relief the young people dancing style strange Charleston. Tanning as gorgeous as popular clothing, decoration, food and other things, seems to have become a symbol of fashion. Tan first as the origin of its name - — Tanning. Tanning appears in the middle of the last century of the west, it represents the European and American people a sun culture - — Enjoy the sun. Tanning and vacation resort directly linked, is inseparable from the sunny beach. In the west, tan until now has almost become a status symbol. Have a bronzed skin people, they often go to the sunny, expensive noble resort in the sunshine, so 'black skin' is the best show their id card.
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