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When the sun man is prevented bask in several big mistake?

by:Merican     2020-07-10
When the sun man is prevented bask in several big mistake? 2019 - 04 - 16 the sunlight and water is great medicine for primitive man, in the ancient times, people have been using ultraviolet sunlight to treat disease. In the west, tan is the symbol of wealth - — Do you often go on holiday and sports, enjoy life. Bare tan can give a person 'health' of the brand mark, can let a person look sexy again very much. However, men skin aging is the number one killer of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, like outdoor sports, men tend to ignore the invisible killer, even think before daub sunscreen is something like this, think tanning like Louis koo 'dark horse prince' is enough MAN, of sunbathing vendors would tell you that in fact this is totally wrong. Prevent bask in article not assure you that you don't tan, but protect your sunburn. To know the uv damage to skin may be irreparable forever, so when the arrival of summer sun, want to slow down the ageing, keep good face, prevent bask in work is absolutely cannot treat STH lightly. Below is GQ summed up the general man awareness is prevented bask in several big error, and see which one of the few, quickly correct it today. 1: ignore the UVA research report shows that damage skin mainly have UVA and UVB two kinds, including UVA for more than 95%, and the wavelength is long and very strong penetrating power, can directly into the dermis of skin, damage collagen and elastic fibers, premature aging skin is flabby, wrinkles, spots, and even lead to skin cancer. The key is to prevent UVA so prevent bask in. A day, between 10 PM to 3 PM in the morning the sun is very fierce, if this period of time in the outdoor, it can not only consider the SPF SPF, also must choose professional against UVA is prevented bask in a product. 2: sunscreen before going out to a lot of careless daub and impatient man often temporary before going out to remember to use sunscreen, actually this would allow the sunscreen prevent bask in the effect to sell at a discount greatly, because there were so many sunscreens contain uv absorber, this kind of material need to combine with the protein in the skin after to have the effect of absorb ultraviolet light, usually need to half an hour to complete, and the combination so remember to prevent bask in early before going out. 3: apply a small amount of sunscreen products can dosage is very important to prevent bask in effect. Many men think sunscreen feel greasy, so very little dosage, euphemistically called fear of damage to the skin burden, cause, gooey feeling, but in the traditional sense of the daub sunscreen at least 0. The thickness of 5 mm can have effect. 4: sunscreen without clean most men would choose the quality of a material is fully thin, not greasy sunscreen lotion or spray. Many people will think this is prevented bask in a product will not cause pore jams, don't need to clean. But in fact the sunscreen itself is also a burden for skin. Especially has the waterproof effect, more for the water-in-oil emulsion type, easy to make the skin breath. So sunbathing vendors would suggest using parts need discharge makeup to clean.
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