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What should be paid attention to when sunbathing

by:Merican     2020-07-23
Sunbathing in 2018 - what should pay attention to 12 - 04 tanning machine: sunbathing, you should pay attention to what? During tanning should pay attention to the following: 1. Can be in the fresh air, dust less place. 2. Don't before or immediately after a meal, can undertake an hour after the meal. 3. Must wear a white hat on, summer can wear sunglasses. Don't read in the sun. 4. At the beginning of line of tanning time shoulds not be too long. If your skin is particularly sensitive to the feeling of sunshine, can be in the first leg exposed to the sun in the morning, and the arm again, to reach the entire body. At first, sun on 3 - 5 minutes, gradually add to 20 minutes. 5. On a hot summer day, in the morning. Because at noon or afternoon sun violent, may be heatstroke. 6. Lying for sunbathing, shall turn a regular time, and on his head and facial mask. Because the brain more sun, can cause dizziness. Wrinkled face more sun, easy, more not suitable to women. 7. Good tanning and exercise at the same time. But do not immediately after the sun into the water when swimming, swimming or after sun exposure. As the body wet, easier to absorb solar heat. This may be due to excessive burning sun, cause peeling or headache and so on. 8. Such as uplink sunbathing on the beach or along the river bank, due to the outskirts with less dust, the sunlight is more intense, so line of tanning time shorter than it was in the city. 9. Such as the treatment with sunshine trauma, especially the sprain, the injured part can be exposed in the strong sunshine; On the other parts of the body is covered. 10. If the line in the winter sun, ideal is in can through uv glass interior. Simpler way, it is in the three sides and the top of a big box can be installed through uv glass, one side open in the face of the sun, people can be sunbathing in the box, or sit or lie down. Due to tight box, in the sun, the temperature can still quite high, does not apply. 11. People with lung disease should not be sunbathing, because after the blood vessels will cause focal rupture, n/med tuberculosis bacterium and diffusion.
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