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What Is Solarium Machine

What Is Solarium Machine


Solarium Tanning Bed, also known as the tanning bed, a device that simulates the sunbathing, can make human skin exposed to artificially generated ultraviolet rays, making melanin to make the skin become black.

The structure of the tanning bed is like a shell, divided into two parts: base and the hatch. The base is fixed, the hatch can be opened, and it is convenient for "sun passer". A plurality of ultraviolet lamps are arranged inside the base and the hatch. When using, people lying flat bed, exposure to irradiate the skin, the closed cabin opens the power supply, and the ultraviolet light emitted by the ultraviolet tube simulates the ultraviolet line in natural daylight to illuminate the human body. I was irradiated around 10 minutes over the next day, and the skin can be wheat.

The solarium machine is the invention of the northern European. The Northern Europe is long, but it is extremely valuable for ultraviolet light in the sun. Therefore, it is slightly sunny, and people can see the sunbathing in the park.

The most essential difference between indoor sun bath and outdoor sunbath is that the former is strictly controlled.

tanning bed                
                       UV Red Light Tanning Booth

 red light tanning booth                
                            Merican Tanning Bed 

The high-quality solarium tanning bed is generated by very uniform ultraviolet light. Use high-quality solarium machine regularly, you can not only enjoy a sunbath, you will benefit a lot.

1. Maintain health, prevent disease, improve the body's poor state.

● Improve spirit

● Improve sports ability

● Repair the biological clock, improve sleep bad

● Promote the generation and calcium absorption of vitamin D3, and strengthen the role of bone and teeth

● Enhance body immunity, generated vitamin D resists breast cancer, intestinal cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer

2. Relax, make your skin younger

● Relax

● Promote new metabolism for skin, so that skin is young

3. Prevent UV line before vacation

● Before you vacate, tankin skin, so that the skin can resist strong ultraviolet rays.

4. Fashion

● Take the skin into wheat, so that women are healthy, and men look delicate.

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