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What is red white tank? He has what beauty effect

by:Merican     2020-06-23
Red light red light whitening capsule refers to visible light for 600 ~ 700 nm ( Account for more than 90%) , 700 - infrared light 4000nm( 10% below) The integrated light waves. By the scientific research has shown that using red light irradiation in vitro, can make the body skin have important biological effects and reaches a certain therapeutic effect. Red beauty is fixed low energy light diode ( 633 nm red light) Replace the laser to relax and strengthen capillaries, so as to promote the blood circulation and increase the active oxygen and accelerate the effect of detoxification. Red light can improve skin's blood microcirculation system and the lymphatic system, stimulate the activity of the mitochondria in cells, the red light of specific wavelength light energy can be transformed to biomass, counteract free gene in the cell, stimulate the fiber cells to produce collagen, can be changed gradually from inside the skin. High purity specific wavelength of red light, to ensure that users are not affected by other harmful light damage, effective action in the subcutaneous tissue cell mitochondria, efficient photochemical reaction - - - - - - Enzymatic reaction, the activation cell mitochondria in the organic oxidation enzyme C, have more energy to accelerate the DNA, RNA synthesis, promote the formation of collagen and fibrous tissue, and accelerate out of sick or dead cells, repair damaged skin cells which help to achieve cosmetic effect. Red white tank beauty effect: 1 red beauty process simple, warm and comfortable, no side effects. 2 inhibit melanin formation improve dull skin whitening the skin. 3 supplement collagen provide sufficient nutrients for the skin. 4 improve microcirculation improving skin sensitive role anti-aging dermis. 5 firming skin repair fine pores increase flexibility. 6 energy cell lock water repair damage skin effectively.
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