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Want to tan, don't 'shallow'

by:Merican     2020-06-14
Want to tan, don't 'shallow' - 2019 12 - 27 as people's understanding of fashion is more and more diversified, 'white' has not only embodies the beautiful, have a healthy sexy tan or wheat color skin is the new interpretation of fashion! Tan now in Europe and the United States is the mainstream trend of caramel tothe beauty and bronze in the whole Europe and the world is the existence of the most fashionable, shiny wheat color of skin and strong body is the most destructive in the wave of healthy aesthetic trend! Indoor tanning with high-tech uv lamp releases gentle and less damage to the human body by UVA/UVB light waves as a benchmark, prompting cells make a lot of mai ning, let skin rapidly brown. Got better against ultraviolet best skin melanin is natural defense system, which is why dark man in less likely to braving the sun sunburn. The advantage of the tanning machine? 1, make human body blood flow, incidence of heart disease. 2, to lower cholesterol levels. 3, the decomposition of vitamin D has a protective effect on breast and bowel cancer. 4, UV light, stimulates the production of immune cells, can resist bacteria and virus in the body, to resist skin can also be advantage. 5, UV light to improve body function, achieve perfect effect. Uv spectrum to MED ( 最小Erythemal量) Measure units for exposure, exposure time of tanning machine is with four med content range of the human body to accept as a benchmark, early 30 minutes and can release 4 med in 30 minutes, and we introduce machine can release the same content in just 10 minutes. An investigation shows that the less amount of rizhao area, the risk of colon, stomach, the higher the proportion of the digestive organs such as carcinoma of the esophagus. Scientists think that the skin through indoor sunlamps ultraviolet irradiation synthesis of vitamin D, and vitamin D have anti-cancer effect. A severe lack of rizhao area, the body got dinin slightly insufficient, it can make the skin more easily sunburn. Research points out, let skin repeated sunburn is a major cause of skin cancer, take gradual exposure to increase the body got rather pigment, instead, to train the skin against sun damage. Bask in tanning machine how long? First to see if your skin easily colored, look at you want to bask in black, which kind of color of skin, then you want to maintain the farther away from the goal of your heart, The more black) Have to bask in the more densely populated, began to bask in every 1 ~ 2 days, after reaching your ideal color, about 1 ~ 2 times a week can effectively maintain skin. Sunbathing vendors would recommend the use of milk after sun set colors to adjust skin PH value and water content, the American association of sun pointed out that only when the skin water saturation, can effectively delay skin faded, real and make your skin more moist. Also note, three hours after the sun, please don't bathe immediately, it can make skin more evenly colored. Tanning can maintain time vary from person to person, each person body is different, after drying the five times, usually at least one month or more to return to the front of the sun's color, if on a regular basis to complementary color, the color will be able to continue to maintain.
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