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Using the German import whitening warehouse need to pay attention to what problem?

by:Merican     2020-07-26
Whitening capsule in the present market in China is very hot, especially now, go to one more place, there are always some beauty chain appeared in front of our eyes. Recently heard a friend talking about, whitening warehouse power is very big customer will not be safe problem in experience. For operators, actually this is not a small problem, the light will make the person being shocked, or will lead to more serious safety accidents. So, what causes cosmetic whitening storehouse, the phenomenon of the leakage in the courtyard? Whitening capsule usually appear leakage there are two main reasons: first, is the equipment use time longer, because for high-power electrical appliances, the most is the insulation materials are used, but most of the insulating materials are longer duration of use and appear damage phenomenon, so also will appear the phenomenon of leakage. And deal with the issue would be timely check and update maintenance. Second, is due to the high voltage equipment required, and the voltage is not stable, relatively plug in power link making usually also can appear the phenomenon of leakage, and this kind of phenomenon is also more happens, therefore, in the face of this situation, solve the problem is to replace or install socket leakage device for electric equipment, to ensure the safety of the electricity whitening storehouse. For whitening storehouse, the leakage problem is serious, light makes people frightened to disgrace, heavy casualties, in any case, will cause bad influence to use experience, moreover must pay attention to safety problem. For beauty salon users, therefore, to check the failure problem of the whitening capsule, as well as the reasons, and in view of the problems for repair in time.
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