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Use whitening tank before need to know what aspects?

by:Merican     2020-07-23
As the saying goes: 'a white covering the ugly' the Chinese are enthralled with whitening and not a day two days to the flowers of the beauty industry in China was formed, but say wind of the biggest beauty products recently, it is really belong to whitening capsule, the present use whitening tank before need to know what respect! A, whiten and tank installation note 1, do not use in damp places; 2, this equipment requires a dedicated line, can provide 360 v voltage. Special equipment of the power cord must be connected directly to the circuit of terminal block. We suggest that are connected by a professional electrician. Refer to the power of the local and/or country code configuration, with the proper circuit breaker and wire gauge, 3, maintenance or cleaning tank internal operation, keep the power disconnect. This shows that no mention of maintenance only operate by a professional electrician. Do not use liquid cleaning charged parts; 4, installation equipment, ensure the machine without any shelter items within around 1 meter, can ensure the normal heat dissipation; 5, if the instrument in a small room, please make sure there is enough distance between instruments and wall, make sure that the air circulation at the same time. Should be used in assure indoor temperature is below 25 ℃; 6 is acrylic, avoid contact with hard objects; 7, if you have wire damage, must by the manufacturer or service agent to replace or related professional, in order to avoid damage; 8, under the condition of the machine is not used, the machine doors should maintain a normally open state, in order to prolong the service life of machine mechanical device. Second, whitening tank equipment use note 1, please read this before using the instrument equipment specification is introduced; 2, can not be used in the treatment of congenital aplasia skin, such as warts, spots, mole; 3, pay attention to the protection of the eye in the use, must wear special eye protection ( Eye patch) ; 4, for best results, it is suggested that choose this company provided the special accessory products; 5, after the first use, observe whether red allergic reactions, such as no continue to use; 6, in use process not to wear jewelry; 7, in use process please remove contact lenses. 8 and allergy to red light, recently used a photosensitizer, with active bleeding or shock, visceral injury shall immediately forbids the use of the instrument. Three, whitening capsule use process 1, light makeup and body wash before purify is corneous. 2, daub on the collagen emulsion or hydrating essence of a class; 3, good hair and wear goggles; 4, use clean again after the whole body; 5, after using the device if there is a slight dry phenomenon, should pay attention to clean and moisturizing, such as have the sun in the outdoor activities and pay attention to prevent bask in segregation frost daub heat preservation; 6, general 10 - light 15 times will have more obvious effect, after two weeks before a day use, 2 - two weeks after 3, into the maintenance phase 1 times a week. Four contraindications, whitening chamber instrument use 1 2, skin diseases, infectious disease patients, please use under the guidance of doctors in short, the above four aspects, hoping to help to you!
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