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This summer, you want to tan!

by:Merican     2020-07-27
Imagine on the hot and sexy beach, the handsome boy pretty girls are shiny tan skin, and if you are a 'mashed garlic white meat', that is so dazzling and out! How to quickly and efficiently out a bronzed skin? How can even color and not get sunburned? To see the tanning solutions for you! Sun is the most natural tanning method, make the skin appear healthy wheat or honey characteristics of color, also can make the body produces vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium. But inappropriate tanning method can make the skin drops freckles, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sunburn, and even lead to skin cancer. Stylish men who prefer natural color, must according to the expert advice, do their homework after before the sun, sun, sun, a. For a beautiful color of skin, make skin out even before some sun, some to the body to a thorough cleaning. Clean facial skin, remove aged cutin, body even the place such as elbow, knee, heel and don't let go. b。 Open at 9 am to 3 PM sunlight is more intense. Usually this paragraph of time the UVB ultraviolet is more active, if it is too anxious to get tanning effect in this period of time, so it's a pity that the result is often will top the sunburn skin, after the painful spent two months. c。 20 minutes before daub sunscreen, daub and sunbathing intervals of two hours at a time. Both UVA coefficient is low, and higher coefficient of UVB sunscreen, such already can protect the skin from sunburn, and can achieve the goal of a tan. d。 Hybrid tanning in sunscreen cream ingredients, can get twice the result with half the effort to strengthen the black effect. But it is important to note that evenly daub, otherwise once the sun into a mottled texture, want to change is not so easy. Natural black points information before insolation: eat some food containing tyramine acid can make the skin is easy to color, and full of luster, including cheese, tuna, walnut, peanut butter and red wine, and so on. But to avoid eating food containing carotene, it can make color of skin slants red sun. Sun: choose a moisturizing efficacy of tanning cream, can protect the skin from sunburn, can strengthen the shading effect of speed up again at the same time, should according to your skin type and bask in the way of length, to select the tanning cream. After sun: moisturizing, at the same time, eat less contain rich vitamin B and vitamin C food and drink, because these components easy to make a tan and white back. With the black tornado swept the world, the classic beauty salon 'whitening' brand gradually replaced by 'black beauty'. This usually provides guests with tanning, tanning beds, sun light, sun spray service, and a series of tanning auxiliary products, designed to help those who like brown skin, and don't have the time or the environment to enjoy the sun tanning gens in nature. According to expert opinions, mountain handsome in the use of tanning machines for tanning, should pay attention to the following points. 一个。 A 'virgin tan' should not be more than 10 minutes. Often the first effect is not too obvious, but can't because want to rush, but the jump 'sun'. b。 The number of 'sun' cannot too frequent, and each time the 'sun' can not last too long, otherwise it will cause huge loss of moisture, make skin damage and aging. c。 Really the people who are allergic to sunlight or light, do not accept the 'sun' hairdressing period of treatment, or a sun will grow freckles, blisters, even maybe will 'tan' a 'skin'. d。 Indoor 'sun', pay attention to the supplement the skin nutrition and moisture. The environment of high temperature can make the skin is dry, so in the process of the 'sun', it is very important to supplement water and nutrients for the skin. e. Drying tank is usually an airtight, area is very small space, people need to be careful with 'claustrophobic space phobia', will cause strong. For those who want to get the honey skin, don't want to accept the 'sun' baptism of man, the best news is the advent of 'self-help tanning' products. 'Self - usually Tanning 'tanning products that contain chemicals a nev, nev to protein organization produce chemical reaction with the skin, make skin instantly become brown, and over time slowly getting deeper. The chemical composition of the body damage is very small, and in the stop with black is produced in the United States: 3 - Seven days later, cutin cell with cell growth cycle, or with scrub off gradually, skin will automatically restore, wants to 'black' to 'white' anything you need. Many big brands have professional tanning products, usually emulsion, spray. The use of these products should pay attention to the following: a. To choose the products designed for facial skin, absolutely can't choose body tanning products without exception. b。 Tanning cream more difficult to grasp, focus on the temples, forehead and cheeks are, if covered the entire face, the effect will be very uncomfortable. c。 Body cleaning in the bath, mild scrub to get rid of the accumulation of dead skin, and then to keep dry. d。 Wipe before tanning products, remove all jewelry, wear rubber gloves, then from large parts of the body, in the form of looped daub, be sure to keep even. e. Wipe the fingers together no gap, if the product is not very good with, can use makeup sponge, so it is more convenient. Daub after 20 minutes, ensure that the product after absorption and dry thoroughly, can wear clothes. f。 Wipe after tanning products, about 12 hours all try to keep the body dry, don't let the body is engaged in the activities may be sweaty. g。 After 2 hours, tanning products completely absorbed, self-examination, see if you have any coating to place, or where the uneven. For not satisfied with the need to color, use discharge makeup cotton dips in lemon juice soak off.
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