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This is red collagen beauty instrument

by:Merican     2020-07-19
This is red collagen beauty instrument - 2020 05 - 19 LED red light itself has to stimulate skin cell regeneration, repair the damage, build collagen, promote wound healing effect, after the medical beauty is more suitable for use of household LED light as instruments to promote skin restore after laser. American dermatologist recommended also LED light products to as a means of organization recovery after surgery, repair scars, promote wound healing, skin renewal. Red light can be done? The existing studies have shown that red light LED cold light source can stimulate the activity of fibroblast, thereby promoting the production of collagen and elastic cells, reduce dry itchy skin, eliminate acne, improve the ability to repair. So hospitals will be red and blue light is used to treat acne, and as with some skin diseases. People with facial herpes, for example, the doctor will give medicine + red light irradiation treatment. We commonly known as the red light, in the LED light is a wide range of concepts. Generally speaking, the red light can anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, beautiful skin, promote the circulation and skin regeneration. Red light is suitable for all skin types, Except for light sensitive skin) , especially the face severe inflammation, and have traces of the aging population. Using red beauty machine need to be aware of matters: 1, before use, please first discharge makeup and bathing. 2, use or hydrating essence collagen cream body. 3, parcel hair and wear protective goggles. 4, in use process not to wear jewelry. 5, in use process please remove contact lenses. 6, red allergies, recently used a photosensitizer, patients, and active bleeding or shock, banning the use of internal injuries. 7, use 20 - every time 40 minutes ( The best use of time with the root of the current equipment and personal situation) 。 After 8, according to if need bath, want to be in two hours later, According to two hours after is the skin absorb nutrients best time) 。 9, in according to the red light, such as a slightly dry phenomenon, please pay attention to keep skin moisture, in order to avoid sunburn, please pay attention to moisturizing lotion or gel protection. 10, in general, according to 3 - a week Four times, 2 to 3 weeks before, at least three times a week, at least for 3 months. 11, use red beauty machine, the longer, the better the results. When the effect has been achieved ideal skin, and then can enter the maintenance phase as 1 - once a week 2 times. 12, after taking the drug or health food with photosensitivity, suggest that a period of time after taking avoid using red beauty machine this time. Such as vitamin C powder/cream/serum retinol or lemon juice. Many drugs can also cause through the eyes or skin is sensitive to red light. Of these drugs in the body for a long time, the product not listed here, so if you are taking any medication, you should be before trying to use red beauty machine and contact your doctor or pharmacist, determine whether can use. Drugs can cause photosensitivity includes several types of antihistamines, coal tar derivatives, malaytea scurfpea fruit, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, tetracycline and tricyclic antidepressants. Other skin trauma and pregnant women temporarily cannot use.
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