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The origin of the sun

by:Merican     2020-07-01
With the historical development from there is life on the earth have sunlight, biological survival depends on three elements of the Sunlight, water and air) 。 So not only can light up our world warm sunshine, also has a decisive influence on our life activities. Sunbathing since ancient times has been applied in the recovery and treatment of disease. Ancient sun sunshine and water is great medicine for the primitive. Using ultraviolet sunlight to treat disease, are all ancient civilizations. The assyrians sunbathing, therefore with daylight facilities. Egyptians loves sunbathe, worship the sun god raise the power of life. The ancient greeks attaches great importance to the sun, the father of western medicine hipokurates about sunlight treatment effect. Roman times the sun bathing in Roman times, sunbathing developed as part of the cultural life. Light therapy in the folk widely popular, too. In the light of the residence also has a special baths. Germans also know the therapeutic effect of the sun. Because they live in land lack of sunlight, often on the mountain to enjoy sunshine for treatment. After the Roman empire, warm bath culture and sunbathing culture has come to an end. Middle ages is the age of the sun in Greece, the ideal body shape is a picture of the sculpture of the body after exercise in the sun. Because of the lack of sunlight to produce human disease also increases gradually, will know watch medieval paintings, rickets, infectious diseases and other serious illness had spread.
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