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【 The origin of the solar therapy. Reveal the incarnations of sunbathing

by:Merican     2020-08-02
Stephenson's found in our daily life, the cat is very speak 'health', 'face', it often will then carefully combed with the tongue fur, and with his teeth to remove hidden in the fur of lice and other parasites. Therefore, he made an interest for cats, careful observation, determined to explore some humans have not yet understood. After long-term observation found that cats like to sleep in a sunny day in the sun, and along with the movement of the sun, thus it is concluded that the cat has a habit of sunbathe. Once, when he found a cat in the sunshine, with the emergence of the sun shade, cats will consciously move a body. After careful observation, found that cats have a festering wounds, he understood that turned out to be the cat was treated using sunlight. He inspired, began a 'light' the function of human body physiology research, finally successful, discovered the 'light therapy', and become the world's first use of natural light to treat disease experts, made outstanding contribution to use ultraviolet radiation treatment of skin disease. In 1930, niels Stephenson's therefore won the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology, become the outstanding scientists of attention. Today, we already know the benefits of daylight: according to the per square centimeter of skin exposed to the sun 3 hours, can produce about 20 international units of vitamin D. Even wrapped the baby body tight clothes, as long as the exposed face, 1 hour in the sun every day, also can produce 400 iu of vitamin D. Close to the baby all need vitamin D every day. 1, the sun can help people get vitamin D, which is the main source of human vitamin D. Vitamin D is also called the 'sunshine vitamin', the human body skin contains vitamin D3 source by getting the ultraviolet ray in sunshine to manufacture, converted to vitamin D, it can help the body absorb and absorption of calcium, phosphorus, make the kid's bones grow sturdy. Have a prevention effect on infant rickets, rickets. Is for an adult to prevent osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. 2, the sun can prevent skin diseases. Appropriate exposure to ultraviolet rays, skin can effectively kill bacteria on the skin, in addition to increase the skin's resistance. 3, the sunshine also can enhance the body's immune function, increase cell vitality. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine has strong sterilization ability, general bacteria and some viruses in the sun and a half hours or a few hours, will be killed. 4, daylight in the mediation of human body life rhythm and psychological also have certain effect. The sunshine can promote the body's blood circulation, enhance the ability of human metabolism, regulating central nervous system, which makes the body feel stretch and comfortable. 5, the sunshine can improve male testosterone levels, enhance sexual desire, improve the quality of sperm. Because blood levels of testosterone in human body, rises with the increase of vitamin D levels in the body. The study also confirmed that, every day 1 hour in the sun, testosterone in the human body can be increased by 69%. 6, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can also stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells, improve the hematopoietic function, so as to prevent anemia. In addition, the national aeronautics and space administration ( NASA) Using the solar dynamics observatory ( SDO) From source, parsing the daylight spectra: modern artificial tanning machine is obtained from the spectral analysis of scientific theory basis, in combination with abundant clinical experience, developed the wavelengths that are good for the health of human body for effective treatment.
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