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The mowing in winter?

by:Merican     2020-07-19
Want to show their hot and masculine masculinity, tanning than fitness is more easy! And a change of the beauty of fashion and healthy black male, feel happy moments electricity pour! Summer: the sun sun sun sun tanning method is the most convenient the cheapest method of tanning, however, sun tanning need to do the preparing work before drying and after drying of skin. Before the sun: use before sun scrub chamfer of his body, Especially pay attention to the face, elbows, knees, etc thicker cuticle) , can make a more thorough; General smear olive oil, can filter ultraviolet rays and prevent spots and wrinkles; Is prevented bask in a product must be painted, and products with higher PA is preferred. Bask in: the body to the pros and cons of both, the time to share; Only wear the shortest swimming trunks, prevent bask in the zebra; Start drying, the time had better control in half an hour, then can gradually increasing. After the sun: daub sunburnt repair cream. Winter: no sunshine do, tanning machine 1, if you want to help you crash a bit, can go to experience the sun tanning machine. 2, don't worry about the weather and missed the best sun exposure time, increases with the increasing to do very convenient; Don't have to worry about sunburn; Short time effect is good. Guangzhou self-help tanning tanning machine set, if your job is busy, I can't afford the time in the sun, also can try men tanning products, let you never leave home will achieve tanning. A beautiful black tools: tanning lotion tanning lotions can make the skin keep the colour and lustre of a long time, just like a daily skin care lotion on face and and use facial wash wash, is very convenient. Tan tool 2: tanning spray spray design makes the whole body of the large area is used very convenient, but persistence is poorer, one to two weeks will restore the original color of skin. So, can be used as your tanning experiment to use. To find the skin of black according to the type of skin to choose methods: if your skin is allergic to ultraviolet or light, choose daub is good tanning products. According to color choose black: not everyone is suitable for the bronze has confidence, if your skin is white, you should choose the color of the wheat color so shallow; If your skin is deeper, bronzing, chocolate, coffee and other dark can choose.
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