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The concept of the whitening capsule

by:Merican     2020-06-20
Whitening capsule, originated in the 1980 s, NASA, NASA) The red light technology used in nursing astronauts skin damage. Through the study of light later found, the activity of the different wavelengths of light can activate cells, accelerate metabolism. This is the space technology applications to a classic case in real life! So said, whitening capsule is really worthy of the name. The noble, nature is to be reckoned with, now layers allows us to solve the mystery of it! Whitening capsule, also called red beauty instrument, using 610 ~ 650 nm red light illuminate human skin surface, can achieve such as anti-aging, whitening effect of hairdressing tank. It belong to the category of a high-tech nanometer technology, with a fixed low energy light diode ( 633 nm red light) Replace the laser to relax and strengthen capillaries, so as to promote the blood circulation and increase the active oxygen and accelerate the effect of detoxification. Red light can improve skin's blood microcirculation system and the lymphatic system, stimulate the activity of the mitochondria in cells, the red light of specific wavelength light energy can be transformed to biomass, counteract free gene in the cell, stimulate the fiber cells to produce collagen, can be changed gradually from inside the skin. High purity specific wavelength of red light, to ensure that users are not affected by other harmful light damage, effective action in the subcutaneous tissue cell mitochondria, efficient photochemical biological response - — Enzymatic reaction, the activation cell mitochondria in the organic oxidation enzyme C, generate more energy to accelerate the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and promote the formation of collagen and fibrous tissue, and accelerate out of sick or dead cells, repair damaged skin cells which help to achieve cosmetic effect. Brand story: anti-aging collagen whitening capsule, originated in the 2012 years or so. To say, or really like a story! As optical applications, an expert of the centre for the study of OEM/ODM orders from customers, found that red light bulb in the product order demand accounted for the proportion of larger and larger. Based on curiosity, exploratory, in-depth communication with customers and found that the red light gives the user a good whitening and anti-aging effect. Studious study tireless, determined to keep this Gospel, spread out. Continuously develop all kinds of high cost performance products, to meet the demand of market, efforts to reduce the manufacturing cost of the products at the same time, save for the user to enjoy this kind of anti-aging collagen whitening capsule. The development of beauty industry, beauty instrument continuously upgrading situation, market more widely with the light irradiation and push type of beauty instrument. Such beauty instrument to use more simple, safe, comfortable, can win the majority of customers favorite.
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