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The bronze from sexy. — All man's charm

by:Merican     2020-06-30
The hot sun is the gift of nature to man. The tanned skin can give a person 'health' of the brand mark, can let a person look sexy, seductive has soared. Men are also worried about its not attractive enough? This summer to a makeover! On the surface, the sun is the most convenient the cheapest method of tanning, you only need to choose a good local sunshine, comfortably lying on the beach or on the grass, the sun went to the other! Actually otherwise, sunbathing, also is to have cultured very much, to achieve the effect of the dark and do not harm the skin, prevent bask in preparation before sunbathing and drying after the maintenance work must be done well. Ignores the preparing work before drying, can cause skin tan is not symmetrical, reach the desired effect; And sunburnt repair didn't pay attention, will also make the effect of the sun to come out. Therefore, in the 'tan' look right before sunbathing tanning process is necessary. Before work before drying: drying thoroughly clean the skin, can use the body scrub cutin, let sunshine bath more thoroughly. Pay attention to clean face and in the place such as elbows, knees, heel thicker cuticle. Note after cleaning skin moisture, 70% to 80% is water in the skin, let skin black uniform, bright, shiny, be sure to prevent skin dehydration. If you choose to outdoor tanning, can apply olive oil, it can with skin water fat membrane fusion to form water lock protective film, its natural resistance to bask in and can filter ultraviolet enroach on, prevent spots and wrinkles. Daub is prevented bask in a product, it is critical, can choose higher around SPF15, PA ( Beware of UVA violation) Sunscreen, besmear before 20 minutes before going out. Avoid at 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. This time of uv rays in sunlight, so as to avoid sunburn. If you choose indoor tanning ( Tanning machines' > tanning machine) , smeared tanning lotion all need, it can effectively lock the skin moisture, prevent skin dehydration, during the process of tanning and tanning lotion contains help black ingredients, makes beautiful and also black, black uniform. Started sunbathing as the best control in half an hour ( The use of tanning confidential according to personal and machine power) Can, and then increasing every day, but don't take on too much, pay attention to wear sunglasses to protect eyes from uv damage. To pay attention to the body to the pros and cons of both when sunbathe, time can be divided. If you want to achieve uniform tanning effect more quickly, can tanning cream, accelerate the synthesis of melanin in the skin, improve the speed of turning black. During this period, the need to avoid high temperature and insolation body caused by lack of water, water supply moisture to the body, in time and reasonable eating guarantee strength. After sun care: use the repair after sun lotion, can slow down the ageing of the skin, make your tanning effect more durable. Pay attention to in time for the skin hydrating and moisturizing, avoid to cause dry skin peeling. In addition, easy to produce thick cuticle, after the sun cause the skin color dark dumb, can choose excitant small strong due to frost a mild exfoliating effect do body membrane, 2 times a week, and make the skin black healthily. Sun after eating less contains rich vitamin B and vitamin C food and drink, these are easy to make a tan 'white'.
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