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The benefits of the black machine you know?

by:Merican     2020-06-17
The benefits of the black machine displays in: 1, makes you healthy attractive, bronze into wheat color, the skin can make the person feels strong, sexy, sedate, enhance the sense of trust. 2, make the mood becomes bright sunlight bright actively, enhance human thinking ability to make sense of progress. The light from entering the brain, eyes secrete serotonin brain nerve transfer material. Serotonin is to make the mood cheerful, which changes the autonomic nervous activity direction ( The sympathetic nervous) The material. 3, improve the motor nerve, make intramuscular becomes strong, calcium is the transmission of motor nerve, muscle contraction activities of media. The absorption of calcium needs vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is because the body is the sun's ultraviolet ( B) The light generated in the body. Strengthens the reflex and bones and muscles. 4, good teeth bone and teeth for the absorption of calcium is the main component of bones and teeth of calcium. Sun is conducive to the absorption of calcium, and promote the vitamin D3 generated in the body, so can strengthen bones and teeth. Tanning machine sunlight can strengthen bones and teeth. 5, to enhance immunity to prevent disease. Tanning machine uv ( B) It can enhance immunity. Continuous sunbathers can strengthen physique, not easy to catch a cold. 6, eliminate fatigue and pressure, guangzhou warm tanning machine can promote the body sweat, detoxification, eliminate fatigue and stress. Tanning light, because can promote the mood cheerful serotonin secretion, can make not happy mood change completely. 7, have effect reducing weight, the light of tanning machine improved cell metabolic activity. Tanning machine warm with temperature rising, the effect of movement effect. Still can burn extra fat and calories. Especially the lack of movement, the use of tanning machines are the auxiliary function of reducing weight. 8, help skin young, the warmth of the sun can promote skin blood circulation, thus done tanning the skin become smooth and elastic. The warmth of the sun machine can make the temperature rise, promote metabolic activity, a complete transformation of the cell. 9, through the indoor tanning machine after drying skin can strengthen the skin to the sun's ultraviolet resistance. Tanning machine contained in the ultraviolet (uv) light, artificial light is A wave and A small amount of B wave, the light can be adjust the physiological activities of the body to the best state. Uvb rays wave is generated got better the role of melanin. Uv wave A has pull affected by B wave generated by Michael ning melanin fixed to the surface of the skin. Penetrates the skin melanin, covering the skin, prevent in outdoor activities when the sun strong ultraviolet rays harm the skin.
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