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The benefits of sunbathing in where?

by:Merican     2020-07-02
People life quality up to now, to preserve one's health is also gradually pay attention to it, recently found that you are interested for sunbathing, then asked, sunbathing can really keeping in good health? What is the sun? Indoor tanning is what? To everybody's question, compiled some information for you today, hope everyone to be able to finish something! Come and see! A, what is the sun? The sun is in accordance with the requirements for a certain amount of time and steps to direct illuminate naked body. Sun is divided into the following kinds: 1, the natural sunbathing, when walking, working in the sun, it is worth noting that cannot insolate at noon in summer, easy to heat stroke; Can be selected at the time of warm sunshine in winter, in order to increase the heat of the body. 2, special tanning, such as going to a sunbathing on the beach, mountain, due to the special environment and geographical position, this kind of tanning effect will be better. 3, it is important to note that on an empty stomach or after a meal is not suitable for tanning; Before the sun, want to do a good job of local skin bask in. In addition, the sun is not suitable for everyone, there is, according to the results of some neurasthenia patients after tanning can aggravate the instead. 4, is the best time to sunbathe at 9 am to 12 PM, 4 PM to 6 PM. Second, the indoor tanning is what? Indoor tanning is to use artificial tanning machine test bask in a certain amount of time to the human body, the tanning method is suitable for can't go out of the crowd, such as newborns, the elderly, frail patients, etc. Enjoy indoor daylight, can lie in the sun on the machine, completely relax. Three, what are the benefits of sunbathe? Practice proves that the sun can be effect for the treatment of disease and enhance human immunity. 1, the sun can increase the body's heat. 2, sunbathing can alleviate nervous exhaustion and depression. 3, have the effect of the exciting and active neural sunbathing. 4, sunbathing can improve human immunity, improve the ability to adapt to the changing seasons and temperature changes. 5, natural sunbathing help to promote the absorption of calcium, helps to bone.
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