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The beauty of the handsome boy beauty black agitation

by:Merican     2020-07-13
Health and the beauty of nature, the more and more popular people seemed to pursue something closer to the nature, that is the strength and masculine. Has been popular in recent years, tan, tan, wheat color skin, let a person feel healthy and sexy, that point with a haggard temptation tends to make people charmed; So in the attention of the world, and one of do STH unconventional or unorthodox, handsome ladies joined the campaign tanning. Hearing tan, a lot of people may response is, is not a tan? Don't put on sunscreen every day, more outside for a walk in the sun is not black? Why need specially to spend money to tan? In fact this is a very incorrect cognition. The premise of the so-called 'black beauty' is a 'beauty', rather than just 'black', unconsciously only makes suntan the skin dark yellow, color, black and matt, there is no aesthetic feeling. You are not white, but not let people look comfortable and attractive color. Tan is actually make their skin to achieve the ideal depth and gloss - — Tan, wheat color, honey, and the ugly 'altiplano red' are two different things. To health black and black have a type, must use professional methods and products, and ensure that the skin from harmful tanning. For tanning enthusiasts, occasionally for a change of color of skin, is more than a fashion, more time is a kind of the fun of life and mood. The current popular indoor tanning method there are two main types: tanning machines' > tanning machine ( Or tanning machines' > tanning machine) Type, and daub of tanning products. Tanning machine is an imitation of ultraviolet radiation instrument, it is safer than the sun, can control the number of wavelength and ultraviolet by adjusting the machine power and use different SPF sunscreen make people produce different shades of color of skin, the effect lasts longer, can maintain a month or so. If you want to short-term keep skin color, can choose tanning products, there are two types, one is direct daub darken over a period of time, using the principle of the oxidation; Additionally one kind is with SPF, after the sun will become darker. Tanning machine, it is like an ordinary capsule, all around are special glass, which has special lamp uv wavelengths, tanning bath first chamfer, body coated with lying in the sun tanning oil bed, and then close the doors, as if the copier in waiting for the copy documents. Usually time setting in 10 to 15 minutes, the skin feeling heat, according to the expected amount of sun lamp automatically stop after the operation, to avoid the uncontrollability of outdoor tanning. Of course to become the ideal color of skin, also can be seen after spending five or six times in a row. Trainer with many years of experience in tanning JAM tells us that the sun after the easy dry skin, insist on a day with moisturizing aloe vera gel to keep the skin moist, to render luster health tanning effect, and the black skin more can enhance line feeling, after all people have the feeling of spirit up.
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