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The beauty industry development stage

by:Merican     2020-06-21
Dwell on the beauty industry development stages: the beauty industry friends all know that the beauty industry in recent years, rapid development, but for the beauty industry development phase may not be very clear, we as red beauty factory after the home from the market research, to the distinction between beauty development stage. If, in 1984, the first year as a beauty, has nearly 30 years, mainly experienced the following stages: a stage: beauty ( Enlightenment stage) , represented by natural beauty and gram li orange-red elegant; Stage 2: whitening, spot, and appeared a batch of beauty equipment companies, professional beauty salon; Three stages: to lose weight, breast enhancement, also a batch of products, professional salon; Four stages: men, micro plastic, man hairdressing, micro plastic started to develop, the rocks; Five stages: SPA/health, SPA, some widely used mean, keeping in good health is a Chinese tradition, as one of the formats have begun to emerge; Six stages: HM/MED SPA SPA this will be one of the trend. Above, different stages have their own characteristic; But common characteristics are: main development each stage, height is 5 - 6 years. Such as the sixth stage began in 2012, has been 6 years. Beauty industry has driven the development of beauty equipment constantly updated, let us focus on producing red beauty machine manufacturer also continues to study, let the more technology, constantly perfect beauty instrument products, developed in accordance with customer needs all kinds of beauty instrument, such as the LED red light beauty instrument, it has won many customers all Ann, harmless. Can be used for wrinkles, spot, tender skin beauty project; LED red light blue light combining beauty instrument, that can reduce inflammation and used in spot, acne, anti-wrinkle, improve sensitive skin, etc.
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