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The application of light - — The role of tanning machine in the light

by:Merican     2020-07-21
The application of light - — In light of the sun tanning machine according to its wavelength is different, there are three kinds of rays, the body is good, in more than 760 nm wavelength infrared, 400 ~ 760 nm wavelength of visible light, 180 ~ 400 nm wavelength ultraviolet light. The above three kinds of radiation, the function of human body is different. Sun is invisible to the naked eye, warm effect of infrared ray, chemical has the function of ultraviolet and visible light. Ultraviolet (uv) to 7 - in the skin Dehydrogenation become vitamin D sterols, can improve the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, prevention and treatment of rickets and osteomalacia, promote various tuberculosis stove calcification, after the fracture healing and prevent loose teeth, etc. Infrared can achieve through the skin deep tissue, the tissue temperature irradiation areas, blood vessels, accelerate the blood flow, blood circulation improvement; If long time is a strong light, can make the body temperature. Visible light in the sunshine, mainly to people through visual and skin has the effect of elevation, can make people feel better. Red light wavelengths of visible light, can be applied to deep skin tissue, anti-aging and beauty effect. Is sunlight to the human body in function strong ultraviolet spectra, can strengthen the blood and lymph circulation, promote metabolism process; Can make skin of ergosterol into vitamin D, calcium phosphorus metabolism regulation, promote the normal development of bones. But the amount of uv radiation, can make skin erythema, skin cell decomposition of protein denaturation, releasing histamine into the blood, stimulate hematopoietic system, increase the red and white blood cells, platelets, and make the phagocytes more active. Repeatedly to sunlight, and due to ultraviolet (uv) increase the melanin in the skin, the skin is basked and present a uniform health dark gray color. Melanin can put more solar radiation absorption, again into heat energy, stimulate the secretion of sweat gland. Sunlight is a kind of natural disinfectant, all kinds of microorganisms in quickly lose vitality under the irradiation of ultraviolet light.
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