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Teach you whitening tip whitening capsule manufacturer

by:Merican     2020-06-20
How to whiten? For love beautiful women, whitening is a 'cause', as the growth of the age, some spots out, also want to white and bright, and full water embellish skin, in addition to using some whitening skin care products, there are many small tips can help whiten, red white tank to let you have a clean and flawless face as soon as possible. Whitening capsule manufacturer to lead everyone to take a look at what methods of nurse daily whiten skin! 1, eat vitamin C, Vc has whitening effect, generally in fruits are rich in Vc, eat more vitamin E, have prevented bask in anti-aging function of Ve, cherry tomatoes and cherry Ve content more. Go out to open an umbrella sunscreen or at ordinary times, sunscreen can inhibit the generation of melanin. 2, fruit and vegetable juice, green pepper, cucumber, a quarter of balsam pear, western qin, green apple, etc into beauty vegetable juice to drink, so have plenty of vitamin C in vegetable juice, for whitening the skin, the effect is very good, but is a bit strange, can try ~ 3, lemon water, lemon is the cosmetic market in fruit, due to rich in vitamin C and calcium as the raw material of cosmetics and skincare products. With lemon whitening, can both internal and also can be for external use only. Note to protect bare skin whitening capsule can be used to protect skin frost inunction, can use the fresh milk to do body SPA, tender skin still can whiten skin, advice often sweat evaporate, promote the blood circulation, can discharge poison to raise colour, whitening effect. What kind of fruit apply face can white? Lemon, lemon mask: after a fresh lemon juice plus one times of water, and then add three big spoon into flour surface paste then apply on the face, 15 About 20 minutes to remove, or will a 15 - fresh lemon slices put directly in the face About 20 minutes, wash face. Once a day, seven days for a period of treatment. This mask have convergent effect, can make skin fresh and lubrication, tender, insist for a long time can delay the aging of the skin. Watermelon, watermelon mask method: 1, wash a face with watermelon juice, have beautiful white effect. 2, leftover watermelon slice, stick at facial freckles, removing and has efficacy. Balsam pear, clean the balsam pear, ice in the fridge about 2 hours. Take out after wash slice; In the whole face, with good bitter melon slices after 15 minutes, remove with clean water. Can moisturize skin and white, but also to calm and moisturize the skin. Of course is the best way to let's + whitening essence, whitening capsule is safe and effective, is much better than white for bodily harm.
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