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Tanning machine: tanning care also have order

by:Merican     2020-06-15
Tanning machines' > tanning machine: tanning care also have order & gt; - before tanning A key step for the tanning 'chamfer at the beach in the sun, it's easy to let skin black uneven, likely the effect is not like in a professional tanning place as uniform fine drying out. And in order to reduce such problems, remove the skin cutin is the key. Remove excess cutin, can make skin more evenly, there will be no spots. - - - - - - Intake 'collagen' to reduce the skin damage next higher uv segregation index of sunscreen can't block the sun long time exposure to the skin damage, especially uvb rays will cut through the dermis, destroy was in charge of the moisture and elasticity of collagen protein ingredients, easy to cause the light aging phenomenon. Replenish collagen is a effective method is the inner beauty. Daily intake contains collagen of the inner beauty products can easily obtain collagen, is the necessary steps before tanning. > When - tanning The black oil is more effective than sunscreen is beautiful black oil tanning gens essential products, although use sunscreen can protect the skin, but higher PA index affect the tanning effect. Especially apply sunscreen before daub tanning oil is easy to let the uneven skin color variegated, so it is recommended to use uv isolation elements of tanning oil products to build healthy color of barley. - - - - - - Stick to 30 minute rule tanning can lead to loss of skin elasticity, and if the sun is relatively serious, is likely to appear desquamate, so tan to stick to 30 minutes. Tanning process, should every 30 minutes in a posture, and supply enough water and cool feeling to prevent skin damage, it is very important. To calm the skin quickly, don't forget to give skin an appropriate time to rest.
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