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Tanning machine: tanning beds is not so terrible, the proper use of health benefits

by:Merican     2020-07-04
Tanning machine: tanning beds is not so terrible, the proper use of 2018 - is good for health 01 - 08 said to tanning beds, a lot of friends want to try tanning are enchanted to action, perhaps by the movie 'death' in the scene in shock 'sun light incident' influence, a lot of people are at a tanning bed, worried that they suffer the same accident. In fact, as long as reasonable and regular use of high quality machine (sunbathing Tanning beds) , not only can enjoy sunbathing, for your body can also play a certain health benefits. In fact, is to simulate machine to create the sun ultraviolet ray, 【 Need to understand sun friends can read information 'indoor tanning, tanning machine is how to work? ”】 This simulation effectively filter out the sun ultraviolet ray carcinogenic UVC only UVA and UVB rays, is pure sunshine. Excessive use of cosmetics, air pollution and make our skin gradually weak, through the machine the sun tanning, form a layer of pigment, enhance and beautify our skin. Tanning bed bed cover and bedplate are covered with long, thick tubes, turn on the light, artificial light is scattered. By tanning beds can bask in the healthy color of skin easily. Take a shower before sleep tanning beds keep skin moisture, sun oil on besmear again, lying in it. First use of tanning beds, time stay in 10 minutes. A second time 24 hours later. After about 10 times,'re done. However, the black is not once and for all thing! Every once in a while to 'recycled' to maintain the color of skin. The benefits of the use of tanning beds, make human body blood flow, the decline in risk for heart disease. Lower the cholesterol content. Vitamin D decomposition prevent breast and bowel cancer. UV light stimulates the production of immune cells, can resist bacteria and virus in the body, can also be advantageous to resist skin disease. UV light to improve body function, achieve perfect effect.
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