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Tanning machine: tanning

by:Merican     2020-07-03
Tanning machine: 2017 - tanning 12 - 24 tanning machine: tan, because want to or bronze skin into uniform wheat color, so I always keen to accept the baptism of ultraviolet (uv). In fact, tan is the Fashion, Sexy& Under the name of the Healthy triple updates. More High aesthetic trend. Want to become a bronzed skin thoroughly Man Boy has long been a thought in my mind. When studying in Japan, see the streets of tanning beauty house just and domestic barber's popularity, many Japanese men and women in a wheat color, bronzed face, but then I although some heart, but I still afraid of return will be treated as amusing & quot; Punk & quot; As guidance, had to forget about it. After a few years back to work, little by little, began to know the domestic & quot; Tan gens & quot; 。 So, I like to do one of his wishes, decided to go to tan. Through friends introduced, I went to a company called & quot; Sun tanning & quot; Walked in the salon, instantly feel into the dark world. Here from the doorman, the waiter, tanning and guests all & quot; Black & quot; Face, with their four eyes relative to each other smile hello I, show white color lining out teeth, reminds me of the black toothpaste ads. Tan teacher told me, wheaten or bronze skin was not made, one with the direct sun in the sun to get skin effect will be very different. A result, the sun is not so uniform appearance; Second, the sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin. According to my facial skin, he set up a set of black solution for me. I only want to the tanning bed, and then through the bed lamp release beneficial UVA and UVB irradiation tanning, my & quot; Virgo sun & quot; Can only for ten minutes and continue on alternate days. So, after two or three times to see the effect and longer exposure time, repeated five or six times the effect of preliminary got a bronze face. Since then. Combined with three times a month of skin care and consolidate the sun tanning course, can keep my skin tan now. Bronze feeling to the care of in the mirror, I added a Man of sense. Took to the streets, and sure enough, a surge in their heads, not strange my complexion, while more speaking voices of praise highly is Sexy. And found that after tanning, oneself always in good mood, not according to the rainy weather depressed, perhaps because there is a highly & quot; Sun & quot; Bath face, my mood also follow the sun shines. In fact, I have been don't understand why for a long time, people put & quot; Whitening & quot; As the only aesthetic standard to follow. I think was too white and can have a kind of healthy enough feeling instead. Abroad and even have this mind-set: wheat color represents a decent status symbol, because it will make other people feel the person is often have holiday conditional can go sunbathing on the beach to enjoy sunshine, while those who litter of cubicle laborious work in the office every day is just the small white-collar is healthy and white. So, many westerners will change the telephone of home to leave a message: hello, master has been away on holiday. Tan himself and then to the joint. Although to do so with a lot of vanity, but also suggests that tan really has become a kind of update more High aesthetic trend, it is challenging and subversion only Bai Cai concept of beauty. So, will have more and more like I did in FashionSexy& Under the name of the Healthy triple exquisite & quot; Tan, & quot; 。
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