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Tanning machine - — Tan a trilogy

by:Merican     2020-07-08
Want to in the process of using tanning machines or tanning has better effect, it must be done in three steps: drying before cleaning: vitamin C chamfer before drawing closer to the black, to remove the body scrub ( Skin everything will hinder the absorption of light, such as dead skin) So that we can make the skin better and faster absorption to the tanning process using tanning milk nutrients and light waves, increasing the speed of tanning. It is best to use to the chamfer simple product contains vitamin C, and make skin more smooth, texture and feel will be better after sun exposure. Before drying machine: the use of tanning lotion, effectively the gradual approach to never use tanning products and less engaged in outdoor activities, has just started to use tanning, tanning machine before had better choose contain SPF SPF2 ~ 8 between tanning products, or put a layer of thin SPF2 ~ 8 prevent bask in article, avoid sunburn skin. After the skin slowly progressive, adapted to the tanning machine can shift to prevent bask in coefficient has a nourishing effect after tanning lotion. According to the personal body metabolism and absorption amount of sun, light wheat color skin or bronzing effect, not to want to immediately blacken had insolated long. According to the use of the machine power and configuration to choose the appropriate amount of sun, successive a few times after tanning of gradual tanning effect is the most durable nature. Of course, like the pursuit of different color of skin, according to the individual that must choose corresponding tanning lotion. After the drying machine: calm repair, solid color, after filling water cannot little sun, can take ten minutes to let the tanning products penetrate into the skin, wipe again after sun on solid color milk, to improve and fixed after drying effect. If there is sun bathing habits after, it is recommended that the 120 minutes, after the sun drying machine can be fully absorbed and tanning lotion for bath, bath evenly spread it with solid color milk. If after get red, tingling, itching, etc, must be composed of repair after drying, use the composition of natural aloe gel gel to relieve pain, and help skin to skin hydrating and help the formation of melanin. Tanning work early the next day a best, make the skin basked in after enough rest to replenish quantity, this effect is good and durable. this
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