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Tanning machine knowledge, what is the difference between new and used equipment

by:Merican     2020-07-06
The culture of tanning rise in around 2000. Tan became popular in China, the trend of the domestic gradually with tanning salons, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, one of the most flourish. These two cities of shenzhen, guangzhou, slowly lower-tier cities in China also gradually began to have a tanning salon. The tanning industry in China after more than ten years of development, time is long, there are always some sunbathing will be market tao 汱 machine equipment, equipment used long after will also ageing, the effect of tanning, become old, sun in Europe after the factory decided to introduce a new version of equipment replacement, old equipment has been discontinued, old equipment will also no longer production. Equipment is broken is not easy to repair, the machine would be worthless. These markets tao 汱 second-hand old equipment, some will be sold to the second - and third-tier cities, some bad repair not only when the garbage disposal. Although these out on the market down used tanning machine equipment price is quite cheap, but if there is no perfect equipment after, repair and maintenance as well as the guarantee, the second-hand tanning equipment is not worth the investment. Every year on April cologne in Germany will have to make a world tanning machine, world-class vendors would gather in sunbathing. European tanning machine manufacturers every year to launch some latest sunbathing. Not only technically more advanced, appearance also add fashion. More human. Of course the latest version of tanning machine price is expensive. Tanning salon owner and agent distributors around the world, can be selected in the item of tanning equipment, of course, such a tanning equipment is also very competitive in the market.
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