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Tanning machine: indoor tanning sun light and dry spray tanning and what kind of effect is better?

by:Merican     2020-06-15
Tanning machine: indoor tanning sun light and dry spray tanning and what kind of effect is better? Explain first, sun lamp tanning and the principle of the spray tanning is completely different. Spray tanning, also called 'fake tan' or 'no sun tan,' according to literally everyone will know, in fact is not really a tan. But spray ( Or emulsion) A contains the active ingredient in dihydroxyacetone ( Commonly known as DHA) The composition of the reaction and horny layer of dead cells. When this kind of composition and dead cells react when the color of the skin will become a 'tan'. This change is beginning to daub usually lasts five to seven days after. Because every day there are millions of dead skin cells from the skin surface fall off or drop down, this is copy sun tanning milk causes of the bronze color will gradually fade - — As the dead cell falls off tan nature also recede. For this reason, it is recommended that you repeat daub at intervals of about 3 ~ 7 days, spraying drying or copy free sun tanning spray ( The emulsion) To keep the skin 'tan'. The benefits of this kind of fake tans beauty be clear at a glance: speed, without any side effects to the skin, because there is no real 'tan' so can restore their original skin at any time. Has its drawbacks as well as, of course, because in China have not spray tanning salon, if purchase copy sun lotion onto the whole body, will be very uneven, and thus leads to uneven skin tone. And usually in the process of fall dead cells, the skin will feel fault desquamate, the average person is difficult to accept. So, this kind of imitation in domestic sun tanning is not particularly popular. Sun light tan, needless to say, is to use the sun light tank simulation the UVA/UVB rays of sunshine, stimulate the skin produce melanin, so as to achieve the real effect of tan, tan. The advantages of the tan is, color of skin is very uniform, the nature. Indoor sun light except for color change, there are a lot of benefits. For example, vitamin, calcium, bactericidal anti-inflammatory acne resistance, etc. , and tan color is not easy to return soon, according to the time the skin metabolism, generally in 45 ~ 60 days to complete an update, skin so often indoor tanning sun light can be very persistent. And the domestic many tanning salons, every city has, also need not worry about the late maintenance problems. Sun light tan weakness is slow, usually 6 ~ 8 times required to achieve tan sun light, if enough time every 1 day time, also want to 2 weeks to reach. Second is for friends not exposed to direct sunlight at ordinary times, also have a chance of sunburn. So be sure to progressive sun light, it is advisable to a few times. Try to avoid long time exposure at a time.
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