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Tanning machine - — How to make the skin black healthily attractive

by:Merican     2020-07-09
Whether you are new tanning, for the first or have certain tanning, whether use machine or in outdoor tanning, will be found in the process of tanning the skin's moisture to evaporate slowly. If you don't pay attention to keep the moisture of the skin in the process of drying, drying out skin is uneven, without burnish, rough, the unhealthy situation, serious word can also sunburn or skin peeling. Use tanning machines have enough moisture in the skin of not only can prevent the skin basked in, also can promote the generation of melanin. So how to effectively locks in moisture in the skin when tan? In this, tell the tanning lovers, want to have a healthy, beautiful, luster, well-balanced bronzed skin ( ) or wheat color skin Before, you need to do the following: first, the sun tanning lotions with first before use machine, tanning lotions on the whole body evenly. The appearance of the skin needs water to maintain its overall health, tanning lotion not only helps the melanin formation of nutrients, also can make the cell rejuvenation, and it can protect the skin from dehydration. If you are dry skin, must choose a moisturizing and hydrating effect of tanning lotion. ( Specific tanning lotion can reference mountain handsome mechanical and electronic import brand products in the United States: http://www. suntanspa。 com/product/cpfls580) Second, the use of sunburnt repair gel sunburnt repair gel is just after sun tanning machines in use, it usually contains aloe vera, watermelon juice, calm the skin and repair the element such as mint. Gels, another chapter, quickly absorbed by skin, skin moisture quickly recover full. Third, after drying with solid color emulsion solid color emulsion usually and tanning lotions, tan tanning lotion is the machine before use, solid color milk is in the daub after sun tanning machine body. Solid color milk essence like body milk, in addition to the sun can daub, after can be in various phases of tanning, daub after a bath every night. Its main function is to lock moisture, let the melanin in the process of generating won't slow down because of lack of water. So, the use of solid color milk drying skin to more than friends without using solid color milk drying black. Fourth, combined with red collagen beauty machine red collagen beauty machine abroad and sunbathing machine ( Tan) Form a complete set to use, the frequency of the visible red light red light beauty machine for 633 mn light, the light can penetrate through the subcutaneous tissue below 10 mm, improve skin blood microcirculation system and the lymphatic system, accelerate the metabolism and stimulate blood circulation, make skin ruddy luster. And convert light energy into biomass, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen and elastin, make skin tight and smooth. So, we suggest that the tanning are used in combination with beauty. Mountain handsome machinery in 2017 the development of a beautiful black beauty double combination of products, a machine can achieve the black beauty two functions: the fifth, drink more water to drink water is a universal method of filling water, whether in the use of more machine, before or after drying, we recommend you bask in friends drink a large glass of water. This is the simplest and most effective method of a hydrate.
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