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Tanning machine

by:Merican     2020-07-09
2018 - tanning machines 06 - 15 the sunlight and water is great medicine for primitive man, in the ancient times, people have been using ultraviolet sunlight to treat disease. The development of the end of the 18th century tanning, in medical and other fields is widely used. Till now, tanning machine from a therapeutic instrument into combined with functions of treatment and the element to be bestowed favor on newly. Tired at work, always looking forward to a long holiday, to take a nice vacation let the body is also a 'photosynthesis' energy. Wait until the holiday comes, only to find that we never have enough time. Now popular in many European and Asian countries indoor tanning in China, time still to be the problem? Indoor tanning is a combination of two elements of fashion and health, more and more people begin to pursue this kind of filter pure ecological 'sunshine'. Tanning machine light indispensable to the physiological activities of the body in a big way. It is safer than the sun, the visible light is A small B, wave is adjusted for do not include the sting like summer skin cells of harmful uv rays, but A uniform distribution of uv light. Such uv radiation on the skin, can make your skin a healthy fashion color. Even on a rainy day, at night, the cold season, can also according to the demand of oneself sunbathing. The tide has receded whitening, indoor tanning time has come!
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