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Tanning factory house - — How much do you know the benefits of the five big sun?

by:Merican     2020-07-07
Tanning factory house - — How much do you know the benefits of the five big sun? 2019 - 09 - 11 for love to get in touch with nature, like the sun bath, may all know the benefits of some sunbathing. Like sweat strengthen body resistance, increase metabolism, etc. , but the sun for the benefits of the human body, but are not able to understand systematically. The benefits of this article is to introduce the five sunbathing. Guangzhou sun machine function as the saying goes, 'the sun did not as the door, the doctor often just around the corner. 'Guangzhou sunbathing vendors would contend that the sun is to keep our body in a healthy level. Want to know, the sunshine is necessary for everything in the world live, it, like air, water, are endowed with human nature is the most important natural resources. While sunbathing in the infrared, visible light, ultraviolet ray, their exposure to the skin, and the different physical and chemical reaction, is beneficial to human body health. 1. Nutrition for health promotion blood circulation, any object can radiate infrared under a certain temperature, the higher the temperature, the shorter the wavelength of infrared radiation out, penetration is also stronger. Infrared wavelength is very short in the sun, through the depth of the human tissue can reach 3 - 8 cm. Is one of the benefits of sunbathing, infrared penetration organization, absorbed by the body, into heat energy, stimulate the blood vessels, blood flow and acetylene, so as to improve the nutritional status of the skin and tissue, enhance the person's appetite, is cheerful. 2. Let a person feel better nutritional health visible light can be divided into red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, violet seven kinds. This QiSeGuang each have unique role to the person's mood, such as red light can be exciting role, showed inhibitory effect on the purple and blue, indigo color has a calming effect. Sunbathing in can widen the vision, adjust the benefits of sleep, promote the oxygen inhaled and exhaled carbon dioxide, strengthen metabolism, improve the promotion body, so people in the days of sun Ming putuoshan spirit also exceptionally happy. 3. Nutritional health immunity people distribution in the epidermis layer of the basal cells, the cells containing melanin, under the influence of uv light, melanin into the action of melanin, the original with oxidase calm be basked in the skin surface, appear even black nun. The pigmentation organization has certain protective effect to the body, can prevent the body to take too much to absorb ultraviolet light, organization overstimulation and damage to the body. Other moderate ultraviolet rays promote hematopoietic function, kill bacteria in the body of the body, so as to enhance the immunity of human body. Guangzhou sun 4 machine price. Nutrition and health to help the old man to prevent osteoporosis for the elderly, the benefits of the sun is able to help the body to absorb calcium. Sun can prompt production of vitamin D, and vitamin D can increase the human body to absorb calcium. Falling and the absorption of calcium in the elderly, it is easy to suffer from osteoporosis, while sunbathing to help the elderly to absorb more calcium, delay the onset of osteoporosis. 5. Nutrition and health I is conducive to the growth and development of children and the elderly, the lack of vitamin D can increase the chance that children with rickets. If appropriately some sunbathing, can the formation of vitamin D in children, promote bone growth, let the children healthy growth. This article talked about the benefits of five sunbathing, but others wonder how to soak. Some sun is actually very simple, choose a the sun is not very hot in the morning, slap on the sunscreen, a walk outdoors tanning effect can be attained.
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