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Tan what good method is there?

by:Merican     2020-06-17
Tan, along with the development of The Times, people's understanding of fashion is more and more diversified, 'white' has not only embodies the beautiful, have a healthy sexy tan or wheat color skin, is the embodiment of the fashion trends. Envy other people have health charming tan, and worry in wrong way will make the uneven skin tone, but counterproductive. Below by tanning factory house to introduce the methods of various kinds of tanning. Sun tanning, tanning, is a more natural tanning method, make the skin healthy wheat color or honey colored, but also can make the body produces vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium. Note: in order to make the skin bask in a uniform beautiful color of skin, before some sun, some to the body to a thorough cleaning. Clean facial skin, remove aged cutin, body elbow, knee, also don't pass in areas such as the heel. 20 - before going out Minutes use sunscreen and sunbathing, daub intervals of two hours. Both UVA coefficient is low, and higher coefficient of UVB sunscreen, such already can protect the skin from sunburn, and can achieve the purpose of tanning, mix of tanning cream ingredients in sunscreen, can get twice the result with half the effort to strengthen the effect of black. But it is important to note that daub evenly. Sharon tan: this kind of salon usually provides guests with tanning beds, sun light, sun spray service, and a series of tanning auxiliary products, designed to help those who like brown skin, and don't have the time or the environment to enjoy the sun tanning gens in nature. Note: for the first time should not exceed 10 minutes. Effect is not obvious for the first time, the late should be basked in step by step. Pay attention to the supplement the skin nutrition and moisture. The environment of high temperature can make the skin is dry, so in the process of the 'sun', it is very important to supplement water and nutrients for the skin. Makeup look tan: bottom makeup: with dark powder, Note: choose than skin deep foundation twice) , and then use a little light powdery cake dab in eye week, T zone and chin. And then lightly sweep bulge contour with bronze flash powder. Eye makeup: gold, orange and brown eye shadow, match with black mascara; Or water blue, light purple eye shadow, mascara with electric blue. And then by inside corner along the lower eyelid, the outline of white eyeliner, can make the honey countenance was quickly bright lip makeup: choose a pearl shells of orange, apricot lipstick, can add cent of honey colored skin beauty. Buccal makeup: select partial brown or orange rouge, for facial increase luster and stereo feeling. Gold, orange and brown colour makeup is the key to shape bronze or honey colored makeup look. Blue, purple these Ming yan's sharp contrast to the will cool color and skin color, highlights the skin healthy and sexy. Warm warm pink, red, green, the color will let beauty looks gaudy with honey colored skin, it is not a wise choice.
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