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Tan tools

by:Merican     2020-06-22
A tanning tools: speed black deep bronzing tanning lotion like ladies of whitening foundation, men also have special tanning 'foundation', just for a more suitable for men's slant oily skin use emulsion texture. Tanning lotions containing tanning, daub after will change the effect of black, but is because emulsion, so only need to squeeze a bit of your palm, massage evenly on the face after, very convenient, don't like women bepowder bottom is nod besmear again, and then with a puff of trouble. Methods like skin care lotion from inside to outside, from down to up, is beneficial to uniform coverage and absorption. Emulsion texture of another benefit is that it is not waterproof, prevent sweat, adhesion degree is not high also, use cleanser can wash out, saves men exclusive discharge makeup steps. Tanning tool 2: bronze block defect cream if your foundation is not very good skin, black rim of the eye, pore bulky, uneven skin tone, for example, in the after coating emulsion, guangzhou likang photoelectric technology co. , LTD recommend tan concealer. Tan concealer also have a beautiful black ingredients, can strengthen the tanning effect, fade uneven tone. In the middle of the eye, pouch and eye end, spot concealer, respectively, with stomach gently pushed open the spray evenly. In the T area of the oil is better and you can also use the brow, can cover bulky pore, also due to the too thickness of horny to solve the problem caused by uneven skin tone. Three tanning tools: the stability of the tanning machine through tanning machine making harmless blu-ray, gradually darken the skin, this kind of similar to the wavelength of the sun tanning lotion can change our skin color to black in a short time, and the most important thing is that through the tanning machines we color is uniform and good-looking, greatly improving the view and admire a gender, can we save a lot of time again on the other hand, to avoid the effects of the weather for us, so the conditional students, equipped with a tanning machine is a good choice, if economic conditions are not enough students also it doesn't matter, we have a very high cost performance home tanning machine W1, which can save our time and save money.
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