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Tan protective measures what?

by:Merican     2020-06-14
There are several kinds of sunscreen, an effective model higher levels of DHA also more expensive, failure rate is higher, if not prepared in advance the whole body chamfer, skin absorption of DHA is uneven, cause in a west a dark area of the east. Slowly development-oriented sunscreen is added in the moisturizing milk with low concentrations of DHA, a day will let grow deep color of skin, high success rate won't appear uneven scenes, the development to the satisfaction of color can be stopped for a few days, then can maintain one or two times each week. Also has the added pigment of sunscreen, equal to sunscreen and superficiality bronze seal, painted on as instant tan, convenient to identify the scope of the brush wipe to still decoloring, under the real composition of DHA to work slowly. Sunscreen in addition to the risk of odor and color is not uniform, and the risk of orange, formula of ph if partial acid, DHA can develop into orange color. There are a lot of new sunscreen is easy to get orange, be careful when the choose and buy. Other sunscreen with sunscreen is not the same thing, guangzhou likang photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Remind you must wipe again after using sunscreen resist ultraviolet ray, also don't buy SPF sunscreen, not only dark effect is poor, prevent bask in force nor safe. Most sunscreen contains dihydroxy acetone phosphate ( DHA) 。 DHA is a kind of chemicals made from sugar cane processing. DHA was found in the 1920 s is a kind of effective temporary tanning ingredients, has been used since then. It will react with a keratin in the skin surface to produce a brown. Red algae ketone sugar is a kind of ketone sugar, used in conjunction with DHA is used to prevent uneven color, make a darker, more even and natural black. Continues to be a replacement, because the surface of the skin of artificial tanning can only last for a week, but it compared with the other two methods of the larger benefit is safe. So artificial tanning has become more and more popular, according to statistics, within the scope of sell a bottle of sunscreen every ten seconds. Because DHA as a material can be used in almost any kind of cosmetic products, and manufacturers in order to achieve the interests of the root as possible to diversify its products, product variety of artificial tanning. From specially used to facial ministry, to the whole body is everything.
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