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Tan is a kind of what kind of experience?

by:Merican     2020-06-18
Tan, just as its name implies, is to make the skin beautiful or black. Mainly use special cosmetics and in the sun to keep your skin beautiful bronze color, black, chocolate, or wheat to look more wild beauty. We can often in each big platform pick wild beauty makeup tutorials and draw with eyebrow, eye-catching highlights the street girls see are not new Europe and the United States makeup look on his face. Different from 'a white cover ugly' cognitive inertia, Europe and the United States of 'tanning' agitation also gradually become a kind of beauty trend. Try to pursue the whitening we sunbathe and specially they, like across the two dimensional. Vendors would early sunbathing, Europe and the United States people prefer white skin. Upper-class people usually stay indoors, the skin is very white; But all the year round in the underlying outdoor workers will is tanned. Along with the industrial revolution, more and more people in the workplace by entered indoor, outdoor holiday in outdoor become the symbol in polite society. Danish doctors Stephenson's 1903 through optical radiation treatment of skin problems such as lupus erythematosus, won the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology, tan once become a healthy lifestyle. In the 1920 s, coco chanel, Coco Chanel) When travelling in the boat, drying out a bronzed skin, no abuse and criticism, the aesthetic orientation of the skin because of the social background magically reversed. Immediately led to a trend in fashion, which is the origin of the popularity of modern tanning. In June 1928, the vogue of post wrote: 'any wise, the pursuit of perfect woman, if you want to be able to stand on successfully in the society and the forefront of fashion, don't ignore tanning. Dreaming about future 'it is a' new world full of beautiful black, healthy body '. European and American people believe, '' wheat color skin, mean healthy, wealthy, fashion. Asian traditional aesthetic more advocate 'for white beauty', Japan and South Korea in the most girls are keen to find the experience of whitening skin and only a few would do tanning. How beautiful the black? Tan also has a lot of exquisite, not shiny skin can only be regarded as black soil, luster of the skin is the 'advanced' black. Inappropriate insolation method can make the skin long freckles, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sunburn, and even cause skin cancer. Tanning method basically has two kinds: natural and artificial. Natural sunlight bath, artificial tanning tanning machine and artificial tanning. Is sun tanning machine principle through the artificial ultraviolet light to imitate solar rays. It is the main reason is that the sun's ultraviolet medicine proved to skin cancer. Artificial ultraviolet ray after filtering out harmful rays than direct sun ultraviolet ray to health a lot. Artificial tanning method by artificial tanning cream or bronze is prevented bask in a product. No matter white or tan, are catering to a kind of social psychology. 'Let's erase that tan', India's beauty salon even encourage ladies bleached his skin; But on the other side, someone to tan tan crazy, crazy to use tanning equipment, cause skin, sunburn and skin cancer. Tan is not for everyone, but everyone has their own choice. White or tan are not necessarily blindly follow suit, don't try how can unearth a unique yourself? Maybe white skin is still the mainstream beauty, but in an increasingly diverse and modern aesthetic color of skin is no longer define a label, health is really beautiful and confident.
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