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Tan also pay attention to the scientific method

by:Merican     2020-06-19
For most Chinese, especially women, whitening, although still is their pursuit, but with the progress of era and influenced by European and American wind dark skin, tanning trend but also let many people move. Especially in summer, a bronzed skin seems to be more healthy and more attractive. In fact, if you want to have a healthy, natural beauty is black, or want to pay attention to the scientific method. What man is suitable for tanning? Tan this concept came from the west, but with the beauty of the black people are not necessarily thought 'let white looks full of movement will make more beautiful Chinese bronze'. Famous plastic surgeon 'Dr. Chen played a, for example, 'like white usually heavy make-up look good, and the Chinese are not necessarily the same, the black is not suitable for all people. 'So, what person suitable for the mowing? In general, it is associated with facial features outline is clear stereoscopic. High stand of bridge of the nose, wide forehead and distinct lip lines, these are tanning essential condition with good effect. In addition, individual temperament also into consideration, such as outgoing enthusiasm of girl usually have better than wen wan elegant ladies tanning effect. If you conform to the requirements of the appearance and temperament of tanning, then consider 'what do you want' black 'to what degree'. Suggestion, 'Dr. Chen Oriental don't go for excessive tanning, once the 'black', will be difficult to identify any expression on her face, like blushing subtle inner feelings are unable to express. So, Ms. Tan had better choose wheat color, men can be deeper, close to tan. Tan is not equal to tan easily in the sun a lot of people think, 'the sun'. Actually otherwise, 'the sun' improper, not only can't tan, also may do harm to health. No protection in the sunshine will make direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays into the skin base layer, a sunburn, blisters, if handled not when, also will leave a scar. What's more, inappropriate sunbathing can make the skin cancer. A broad categories of skin cancer called skin basal cell carcinoma, the number of white this cancer has a lot to do with increased year by year and the mistake in the sunshine. And with the tanning of the increasingly popular in our country, the skin basal cell carcinoma is also on the rise. In addition, many people sunbathing do not pay attention to protect your eyes, and fundus after ultraviolet irradiation, emulsification, lens may cause fundus diseases, even cataracts. So, how can healthy beauty mowing sunbathe? First time to avoid uv rays: at 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. Secondly, use sunscreen 20 minutes before going out, and when the sun daub intervals of two hours. Sunscreen should choose higher coefficient of low coefficient of UVA and UVB sunscreen, such already can protect the skin from sunburn, and can achieve the goal of a tan. Finally, eat right, too, be careful of the light sensitive food, such as Onions and tomatoes, they will make you more easily when you tan in the sun sunburn. Although other tanning coup in the sun is the most natural way of tanning, but to reach the effect of wheat color, bronze, it is not easy for the east. White skin melanin cell synthesis pheomelanin, so more likely to be the bronze ChengXiang want or wheat color. While easterners synthetic flavin and pheomelanin in brown, and given priority to with brown flavin, so after the sun, pigmentation is given priority to with brown yellow, still cannot reach the ideal of wheat or tan color, color 'not'. It is because the sun tanning is difficult to control effect, bask in the skin of the pavilion sun lights, tanning beds, tanning machines is gradually accepted by people. Them in the sun for the principle through artificial imitation of the sun's ultraviolet exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, filter out than directly after the harmful rays of the sun's ultraviolet to health. Tanning enthusiasts, however, should choose to have aptitude, normal drying skin pavilion, there can be controlled by the computer uv intensity, guided by a dermatologist to achieve the ideal effect. In addition to artificial ultraviolet irradiation, tanning products on the market also to see. This kind of products that contain chemicals NEV, NEV can protein organization produce chemical reaction with the skin, make skin instantly become brown, and over time slowly getting deeper. 'Although daub, this method is very easy to operate, is considered by many to be the black preferred, but also belongs to the cosmetic tanning products, can make the skin natural breathing, therefore is not recommended for use for a long time. Also, use tanning products must pay attention to safety, check the department of health food and drug administration's official website, whether it is approved. '' Dr. Chen says.
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