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Sunbathing ten benefits for you

by:Merican     2020-07-01
Sun the benefits of 1, absorption of vitamin D, reduce the risk of diabetes and multiple sclerosis ( MS) The chance. 2, strong bones and teeth stronger. 3, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease. 4, increase serotonin, also called 'happy hormone', make the person feel good 5, suppress appetite, lose weight. 6, reduce the risk of cancer, such as breast and colon cancers. 7, to greet the arrival of summer, make your skin get used to sun exposure. 8, relieve rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain the pain. 9, promote the immune system. Ultraviolet irradiation can promote the production of white blood cells, so as to resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses. 10, treatment of skin diseases. You need to check with your doctor first, because of ultraviolet irradiation in the treatment of some skin diseases, and for some skin disease exacerbate the damage. Uvb rays wave is generated melanin uv-a wave is affected by the B wave generated melanin fixed to the skin effect. Seep into the skin melanin, covering the skin, prevent ultraviolet light.
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