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Summer one to - — Right sun tanning

by:Merican     2020-07-18
Indoor tanning, tanning method of is the most natural and healthy, healthy wheat color skin or tan, can also make the body produces vitamin D at the same time, promote the absorption of calcium. Whatever you choose indoor or outdoor tanning, inappropriate tanning method can make the skin up freckles, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sunburn, serious and even lead to skin cancer. So, only grasp the scientific method for tanning, can bask in the uniform bright dark skin. Personal advice: before insolation, can eat some food containing tyramine acid, can make the skin is easy to color, and full of luster. Such as cheese, tuna, walnut, peanut butter and red wine, and so on. In addition to water before sun bath, bath must be pure plant, or ingredients contain aloe bath, so that we can supply a lot of water, because the sun can cause huge loss of skin moisture, so water is very important, can keep the elastic healthy wheat color or bronze skin is enviable. If you choose to bask in outdoor tanning remember to choose between at 10 a. m. and 3 p. m. , because the sunlight is more intense, the UVB ultraviolet is more active, and also information mentioned before, UVB light is strong, easy to damage the skin, and tan does not last long. Outdoor tanning also need to do: use sunscreen 20 minutes before going out, and when the sun daub intervals of two hours at a time. Remember to choose the higher SPF index sunscreen oh PA index is low, and it is best to have protect wet effect, so as to avoid sunburn skin. After sun drying, hard to avoid can produce the problem such as dry skin. After this time, remember to do repair work, fully protect wet, it never careless. Only shiny black skin, otherwise is totally embarassed bumpkin one! About black beauty 'personal advice: 1. Not everyone can tan. To see their own temperament, personality and type of skin. If you compare sven and does not belong to sports, the dark tanning, and is not recommended unless to change their image, try to change. Allergic skin, not suitable for to do long time of sunlight and strong light, so of course want to do a short period of time the sun bath test first. 2. The first 'virgin tan' should not be more than 10 minutes. Often the first effect is not too obvious, but can't because want to rush, and longer drying time. Observe their skin discomfort, whether there is a red dot, or have other symptoms, and then gradually extended time. 3. Use indoor tanning, tanning equipment must be in for the first time used under the guidance of professional teachers, using the time cannot one-time increase is too large, should be per minute. Before drying after drink in the sun, before the sun tanning lotion, sun after fixation with milk paint better and to ensure that the skin moist and glossiness.
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