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Some of the common use of machine

by:Merican     2020-07-25
Use machine 2020 - some of the common problem 02 - 27 tanning machine is a convenient, practical technology of artificial simulation of solar equipment; Use effective treatment: eczema, psoriasis, seasonal affective disorder; Its light deep tissue cells to help the production of vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium, and it can also help prevent some cancers, such as breast and colon cancers. Use the opportunity won't sunburn? The beauty of what we call black is in the circumstance that does not get sunburned skin melanin production makes the skin black and bright, and the design of the tanning machine premise is the same. Use machine process is safe, happy, enjoy, from a natural body color, bronze, brown skin, sense of color and luster. So when the customer ask us, asking questions like this Tanning factory house mountain handsome will say: focus on what we call 'Smart Tanning Tanning' Smart, Smart Tanning golden rule is: never sunburn! How to effectively use machine, skin redness, after is basked sunburn? 吗? 吗? 吗? Customers to our expert advice, how to use indoor tanning machine? After the basked skin redness, sunburn? 吗? Before we use tanning machines need to know your skin type, determined by skin type to determine if your with the right equipment, including the use of the amount of light is basked and time. In addition, we suggest that, before the use of tanning equipment for skin care ( Wipe on tanning lotion) So that not only it tan, but also effectively locks in moisture to prevent sunburn. Tan preparation with tanning machine? 1, please remove makeup in front of the sun, and cosmetics, avoid contact with the cosmetics will hinder the penetration and absorption of light. 2, avoid the use of deodorant or perfume. 3, take off the watch and jewelry, avoid sun after leaving unsightly tan! 4, if you in the near future in medication, consult your doctor to confirm your medication is not a 'light', confirm whether will weaken the sun light or ultraviolet ray on effects. 5, use the lipstick, lip more delicate prevent bask in desquamate. It is recommended to use SPF 15 lip balm. Outside the home or salon, can drink some water. Although our lips no melanin, will not be a tan, but if we don't do this step, after sun labial ministry gets very dry and rupture. ( Because no one wants to kiss chapped lips, had better use lip balm) 。 6, before the sun bath to remove dead skin, naked drying or wear underwear, wipe on tanning lotion ( Dry skin reflection ultraviolet ( UV) Light, unfavorable to absorb light and promote the melanin formation) 。 Note: do not use outdoor tanning lotion or oil. Choose to suit your skin lotion tanning lotion or ideal color, then apply evenly on the skin. They not only contains professional tanning ingredients, can nourish the skin at the same time, achieve the best effect. 7, wear protective glasses, before the sun must wear goggles or other eye protection items, to ensure that in the use of tanning machine eyes not sunburn by uv light. ( In the market, has a long eye goggles and disposable stickers. We are on sale. ) 8, if you choose to naked drying, should pay attention to is not suitable for sensitive skin is basked in, to use towels or clothing cover sensitive area, for the next basked basis. After sun tanning machine? 1, sunbathing in closing machine ( Tanning bed) After a wipe on tanning lotion, keep skin moist, because sunburnt skin will continue to produce melanin of at least 12 hours. Skin in good condition of skin to suntan more long and light. 2, if feel the skin after sun began to sting, show that excessive exposure to uv ( Use of machine time is too long) , must repair after drying, drink more water. Basis, can use Aloe Vera gel, Aloe soothing lotion or gel help skin to resume, because they can lower the temperature of the sunburnt skin, keep skin hydrated. Let cool and moist skin.
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