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Red white tank, a new generation of whitening artifact, the love of beauty is the Gospel

by:Merican     2020-06-23
They say: a white cover ugly, beautiful people since ancient times for the pursuit of the white like the vermilion cinnabar birthmark, lingering; How safe and comfortable whitening? Sunbathing vendors would mountain handsome today for everyone, a new generation of whitening artifact under - — Red white tank. What are the advantages of red glow to the skin? The part of the connective tissue of skin by protein fiber, collagen and elastin fibers, the former plays a role of support for the skin, the latter providing flexibility. Fibroblasts are constantly generate these proteins, make the skin tight, elastic and the young vitality. Before 25 years old, the body's own the ability to maintain this continuous regeneration process. But as we age, cell activity gradually reduce, began to loose skin, loss of elasticity. That is why always say 25 years old, is a watershed in skin care. And red light, unlike ultraviolet ray and laser, wavelength in the visible light is 600 - 700 nm, 633 nm wavelength of red light, red light is downy low-power can penetrate human subcutaneous tissue under 10 mm, have obvious light biostimulation effect. This means that the red light can effectively activate the gradual degradation of cell activity, stimulate the body's own repair function, promote the natural regeneration of collagen. Relative to wipe besmear daub skin care products, locking technology is mainly through the melanin melanin locking whitening tank, phototherapy fight decline after curing tank for management of the skin. It belongs to the pure physical therapy, short time-consuming and lie just to be a meditation, safe and comfortable, one can see the clear change of state of the skin. What is the red white tank? Red white tank USES 600 - Cold light chemistry between 700 nm wavelength red, using high-tech nano-technology purely physical light therapy, 10 to penetrate human skin 15 mm, through the whole body red light irradiation to activate various Enzyme Enzyme in the human body, especially the activity of protease, can promote the body's own generated a large amount of collagen, to achieve the effect of whitening resistance to failure. Red light electromagnetic effect at the same time causes deeper tissue vasodilation, reduce the blood circulation, make human body cell vitality, metabolism, eliminate subhealth. Red light irradiation can promote the secretion of melatonin, improve the body's antioxidant capacity, prevent cell oxidative damage, delay aging. Red light effect whitening chamber increase skin elasticity, make the skin smooth and delicate, more compact soft; To prevent the loss of collagen, maintain skin base layer the collagen content; Low to eliminate facial acne ( Whelk) Freckles, scarring, postpartum striae of pregnancy; Low to improve the neck, chest, hips, and even private parts of the phenomenon such as dry skin, pigmentation.
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