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Red light phototherapy can efficiently improve the microcirculation, regain health and beauty

by:Merican     2020-06-28
At home and abroad for nearly 10 years, a lot of research and practice has proved that narrow-band weak red light red light beauty machine, heat radiation body capillaries, and in human tissue mitochondria produce resonance absorption spectrum, efficient photochemical reaction - - - - - - - - - - - - Enzymatic reaction, blood red blood cell mitochondria to the absorption of red light is the largest, after the red glow, mitochondria of catalase activity increased, the activity of superoxide enzyme gaps get inspired, this will increase the cell metabolism; Increase glycogen content, increase glands 3 phosphoric acid increased protein synthesis and decomposition, to strengthen the new cells, promote the healing of wounds and ulcers. At the same time also increased the phagocytosis of white blood cells, improve the body immunity. Dr Moller phototherapy industry leader. Microcirculation disorder in the occurrence and development of various diseases, 1, nervous system, the micro circulation barrier, brain cells can not get enough nutrients and oxygen, and cell metabolism products due to insufficient blood supply can not completely out of the body, can lead to headaches, dizziness, insomnia, much dream, memory decline; The person that weigh happen apoplexy, hemiplegia, senile dementia, sciatica, not tip neuritis, etc. Mountain ShuaiHongGuang phototherapy can promote cell renewal, accelerate the metabolism. 2, the cardiovascular system microcirculation dysfunction occurs, heart cells to nutritional deficiencies, myocardial ischemia, bosom frowsty, flustered, angina pectoris, irregular heartbeat, the person that weigh happen myocardial infarction, long-term arteriole shrinkage lead to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease (CHD). Red light can improve microcirculation, prevent and alleviate the above diseases. 3, respiratory microcirculation dysfunction occurs, occurs chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough, asthma, bronchitis, etc. 4, the digestive system of microcirculation disorder occurs, the gastrointestinal absorption function is not good, nutrition disorder, sallow and emaciated, diarrhea or constipation; The person that weigh happen gastric ulcer, duodenal bulb ulcers, etc. , if the vein caused by blocked blood vessels near the anus expansion, for a long time accumulation congestion cause hemorrhoids. Red light phototherapy can effectively accelerate the internal detoxification, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve related diseases. 5, sports system microcirculation dysfunction occurs, inside the body to produce a large number of lactic acid metabolites, stimulate the body to produce acid, expansion, the feeling of pain. Such as rheumatoid arthritis, strain of lumbar muscles, bone hyperplasia, soft tissue contusion and joint sprains, etc. Phototherapy can effectively relieve rheumatism, arthritis, and help the body absorb calcium, prevention of osteoporosis. 6, microcirculation disorder in the endocrine system, which can lead to all kinds of hormone secretion disorder, cause a shut gland function, diabetes, mastitis, lobular hyperplasia, etc. Red light phototherapy can effectively regulate the endocrine disorder, relieve diseases such as diabetes. 7, urogenital system microcirculation dysfunction occurs, microvascular permeability changes, tissue swelling, vasoconstriction, lead to nephritis, renal failure, female pelvic inflammatory disease, menstruation to be not moved, the male prostatitis, cystitis, etc. 8, skin microcirculation make skin cells can not get the nutrients and oxygen, partial necrosis. Skin crumbs fall off, also possible alopecia areata, brothers tinea, etc. Phototherapy is very effective for part of the athlete's foot and tinea manuum leaf! 9, microcirculation and body fatigue and pain: the body after the movement, the body produces in a large number of lactic acid and other metabolites, stimulate the body, these metabolites produced acid, expansion, the feeling of pain, improve microcirculation, increase local blood flow, bring oxygen and nutrients to tissue, metabolic product with blood out of the body, can quickly remove the fatigue of human body. Phototherapy can relieve muscle soreness, relax tense nerves, increase the blood oxygen content. 10, microcirculation and dysmenorrhea: a lot of women with dysmenorrhea, in traditional Chinese medicine's words: 'pain is impassability,' general principles of the pain, menstrual cramps women have umbilical feeling, sensation of cold, stomach fall under this major is a sign of qi-blood operation impeded, improve local microcirculation change not free for the unobstructed, can alleviate the pain. 11, microcirculation, and hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids is near the anus vein circumfluence suffocate suffocate, cause vascular expansion caused by blood for a long time, as long as to improve the anus microcirculation blood flow and improve the congestion state, can effectively resolve the hemorrhoids, eliminate pain. Body 360 degrees of light body every inch of skin: light 6 times 35% increased cell vitality; Light 65% increase to 12 times the cell vitality to tighten loose skin, shrink the skin smooth, improve the skin barrier function. Light 20 times 95% increased cell live 12 week challenge reverse muscle 10 years of age. Color of skin ruddy, skin reproduce young state.
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