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Red beauty machine - — The role of red collagen beauty machine

by:Merican     2020-06-27
Red collagen beauty instrument ( Red beauty machine) Role: 1, restrain melanin whiten skin, role in the dermis, anti-aging; 2, replenish collagen, provide sufficient nutrients for the skin. 3, firming skin, repair fine lines, shrink pore, enhance the elasticity; 4, improve microcirculation, improve dull skin; 5, make skin smooth, young and tender. Applicable people: red light beauty what is red suit to use? According to the professional medical hairdressing doctors clinical judgement, red beauty machine is suitable for those who need beauty but the skin is sensitive or courage is small. Because red beauty machine, power red light more gentle than a pulse of light! Big S introduced the red beauty said, 'there is something even do pulse light will feel a little afraid of ladies, they will choose to be a red light and beauty, to experience the magic in high-tech beauty'. Specific indications for: flabby skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, skin coarse, sallow complexion, sun spots, age spots, freckles, malar rash. Phototherapy process: 1, light makeup before, and general cleaning. 2, hydrating essence of a class. 3, wrap the hair and wear goggles. 4, illumination time 30 minutes at a time. 5, light again after cleaning. 6, such as dryness, slightly after light cleaning should pay attention to moisture, such as have the sun in the outdoor activities and pay attention to prevent bask in segregation frost.
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