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Protect skin to taste with cosmetic instrument which is more effective?

by:Merican     2020-07-11
Chemical versus physical, protect skin to taste with cosmetic instrument which is more effective? Now the dresser has not only the traditional beauty skin care products, also appeared some cosmetic instrument science and technology. Cosmetic instrument which is more effective to protect skin to taste? We respectively from we more concerned with tender skin whitening, spot light wrinkles, acne, thin face shape, etc. , guangzhou mountain handsome mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Small make up one by one, analyzed all kinds of cosmetics and beauty instrument quality differences. A, acne removing: acidity class cosmetics VS LanHongGuang cosmetic instrument treat blain blain effect is good to protect skin to taste is acidity class to protect skin to taste. Acidity is collectively for natural generated a series of organic acid, there is fruit, sugar cane, milk source, etc. Acne removing from the skin surface acidity, let the dead skin fall off naturally, so that your skin pore jams would not be dead skin, also can help dissolve formed blain blain of oils and fats, pore doesn't grow bacteria, won't inflammation of the skin long blain blain. Clinical trials, found that blu-ray anti-inflammatory acne effectively, calm skin, and to kill corynebacterium caused blain blain is very effective. Blue and red binding energy into skin. Long-term use of LanHongGuang nursing, can improve skin quality. Because the blue light has generally bactericidal anti-inflammatory, red light has a beauty spot and anti-wrinkle, hydrating and skin effect, the combination of the improvement of allergic inflammation and beauty to body. Second, tender and white light knit: acids to protect skin to taste A VS red beauty apparatus in terms of white and pale wrinkled, acid is A better composition. Acids to protect skin to taste A began to work from the depth of the skin, through to the skin receptors, promote skin for regular updates, promote the synthesis of collagen, can let the thicker dermis, corneous layer normal metabolism. Due to the effect A acid from the bottom, so the effect is slow, and there will be A transition period, beginning in the skin build patience before, you are likely to explode beans, peeling, allergy, after the adjustment period, you can have white skin, good skin pores smaller. Clinical trials show that, 630 - 635 nm wavelength red main function to promote the collagen regeneration, desalt face the appearance of fine lines, whiten the skin. Photon tender skin therapy is the FDA ( The U. S. food and drug administration) Approved therapy, gentle and no side effects; After using the red beauty machine, better absorption of the skin, then use the whitening pale spot product, double effect. Conclusion: acids to protect skin to taste with A red light and beauty instrument whiten pale wrinkled principle is to promote the synthesis of collagen. Acid stimulation to the skin beauty &skin care products is bigger, need special protection when using stable and healthy skin;
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